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Friday, 30 December 2011

Snow Princess – A Chinese Children's Story

By Johna Ferguson

Ting-ting sits looking out the window. She is watching the snowflakes. They are falling from the sky. “One, two, three,” she counts.

She wants to catch them and play with them. Her mother tells her they are all different, just like people. She thinks they all looked alike. They are only frozen raindrops.

The sun peeks out from behind the gray clouds. One snowflake is stuck on the window. Ting-ting looks at it. It has six points. It is beautiful.

She dreams it is a beautiful princess. The princess is wearing a long, soft white dress. She is wearing a crown with sparkling diamonds on her long, white hair.

The snowflake danced her way down from the dark clouds to Ting-ting’s window. She calls her Snow Princess. She seems to shine. “Princess, what is it like to fall so far? Were you afraid along the way?”

“Oh no, it was beautiful,” the Princess replies. “The sky was filled with my friends. We fell so slowly. We were laughing and happy to be free from the dark clouds that kept us prisoner so long.”

“What will you do now?” Ting-ting asks.

“Oh, I have done all I was supposed to do. My friends and I have brightened your world. We have covered the ground with pure, white snow. It makes your yard beautiful. It gives you fun. You can put many of us together and make a snow princess. That is our gift to you. Better hurry.”

Ting-ting runs to her mother. “Mama, can we go out and build a snow princess?”

“Of course my dear, but dress warmly,” her mother says. They quickly go out into the yard.

They build a beautiful one. Their princess wears a long dress. She has long hair. They put a crown of ice crystals from the pond on her head. They sparkle just like diamonds. Ting-ting says, “Thanks, snowflakes,” as she goes in the house. They seem to shine brightly in answer.

The next morning Ting-ting looks out her window. The snow princess is gone. “Mother, where is my princess?”

Her mother says, “A warm wind melted all the snow.” The yard is no longer covered with a white blanket of snow. There is just a big puddle of water where the princess was.

But Ting-ting remembers the beautiful princess. She knows that the princess and her friends will return next winter. The clouds will again release the dancing snowflakes. They will fall from the sky. They will brighten the world and children will laugh and again make snow princesses.

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Johna - Beautifully written child's perspective of a snowflake.

Quite different from mine, Yesterday I was in the garage, muttering 'naughties' under my breath, struggling to get my snow blower started. I couldn't care less if I ever see another snow flake. Bring on 'global warming'! - Sandy

Oh to be that young again for even one day....

Delightful story.

Beautiful! Thank you for such a lovely story.

For someone like me that has seen snow only on two occassions in my life this is a pure fantsy as I would like to remember snow princesses, not the cold slushy snow of my experience. A lovely story

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