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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Neighborhood Christmas Party

By Marcy Belson

When we were young and lived in a neighborhood of other young parents, we hosted a yearly Christmas party. We were talking about what to serve without breaking our small budget. My sister-in-law, from Stockholm, Sweden, suggested her recipe for Glogg, made with heated wine and various spices.

Oh, did it ever smell good! A big pot on the stove top and a crystal bowl filled, on the dining room table.

Most of the neighborhood was there as well as our workplace friends and it was a festive evening of food and the mulled wine. By eleven o'clock, people were wishing each other happy holidays and going out the door. Several seemed to be feeling the effects of the wine and were helped down the street to their homes.

By noon the following day, the phone was ringing non stop. That very popular wine drink had taken it's toll.

There was never a question; the recipe was consigned to the trash bin. It was an evening we discussed in horror, there were many sick friends.

Our guests may have considered moderation as their New Year's resolution.

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OH MY!!??!!

Marcy - Having just recovered from my third Christmas party in four days (including one given by another Marcy!), just reading this made me feel woozy!

From now on, I will stick to Christmas mead or red wine, and stay away from Glogg in crystal bowls. - Sandy


I hope your party was not on Christmas Eve when your guests would have had to go home and assemble doll houses and toy garages.

I can't imagine being able to put Slot A into Tab B after an evening of Glogg!

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