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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Gone Fishin'

By Don (Greywolf) Ford

Iris on the Pond

(For my sweet daughter and fishing buddy)

"Dad, are we going fishing today?" My daughter had been anticipating this for some time. She began by relating to me that she could not sleep the night before. She woke up at 5AM, 6AM, 6:30AM, and here we were talking at 7AM.

"Yes, honey. I promised you if it weren't raining that we would hit the water."

"Do you want me to get dressed right now?" She was more than excited.

"Sure babe, go ahead. Don't wear your good shoes." For the last three years, I had taken my girl fishing. Now at 11, she still wants to go, but will still not chance putting the worm on the hook.

When we arrived at Green Lakes State Park, the questions began. "Are we too early for the fish? This question followed on the heels of, "Why do they take so long to bite?"

"We are here to learn first how to fish and to also learn to be patient. So start with talking to me in a whisper, since they can hear us. Unless they are starving, they will eat when they feel like it."

"Dad, does the worm feel it when it goes on the hook? Does it hurt them?"

"You notice how careful I am, and I don't do it too fast. Maybe if I were too quick and rough it might hurt." I was hoping the questions wouldn't get any harder to answer.

"Dad, that butterfly keeps circling you over and over. Do you know what that means?

"No, honey, but I bet you are going to tell me, aren't you?”

"That's right, I am. It means you are a gentle person. That's what my teacher told us in science class."

Later I noticed the butterfly let me pick it up with my fingers. Shortly after this, a dragonfly landed on my shoulder and my daughter said, "Hey, he likes you too, Dad." But she remembers my famous dragonfly story that I sold to a magazine, where a lone dragonfly saved me from hoards of black-flies.

During today's little adventure, we both caught a fish. This year was different; this year my fish and her fish were the same size. Other years she always caught the biggest fish. That of course remains our little secret, now doesn't it.

Today we only fished for a little over an hour and then headed home. By the time we got back, Mom was waiting to hear the tall tales. "Mom, guess what? Dad exaggerated today. He said the fish we saw in the water was as big as a house."

"Show me how big it was." Then my daughter proceeded to stretch her hands as far apart as she could. "Wow, it sounds like your dad wasn't too far off.”

End Note: There are moments in our lives that we hold on to dearly. This will always be one of those times, along with countless others.

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Oh how lucky you are to have such memories.

Is that your artwork? Lovely.
Charming story--my father used to take me fishing, too, and I loved it.

Johna, Thanks for stopping by to read, Cheers, Don

Yes the photo is mine and I put it into a digital process to add framing and colors. Cheers, Don

Loved this and so bautifully told, Don. We, hubby and I have many precious memories of teaching our 3 children 'patience' through fishing,quietly waiting and enjoying nature around us. I always said all young mothers should be shown how to fish as it's close to doing nothing and getting away with it. But what a treat if you catch dinner.

My first fishing experience was with my Grandpa Roy in Oklahoma. We went out on a pond with Uncle Guy, his brother. I hooked a big catfish but it got away before we could get it in the boat. I was around ten years old and was devastated by the loss. I didn't fish again until I was an adult. My sister showed me how to put the worm on the hook. It was a great feeling to finally catch a fish.

I'm happy to see folks still reading and posting their thoughts and remembrances here. Ya gotta love the whole nature thing going on here! Don

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