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Monday, 20 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

By Ellen Younkins

Happy Valentines to me
tomorrow I'm having a thing
that is called a cystoscopy.
It could be worse you see -
like having a hysterectomy,
Or maybe even a colonoscopy,
It could be a simple tonsillectomy.
or even a major appendectomy,
or maybe a hemorrhoidectomy.
It couldn’t be a posthectomy
because you see I am a she.
So tomorrow I will be having
what they call a cystoscopy.

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Ouch. Hope everything went smoothly and painlessly. Most importantly, that whatever the problem is can be resolved. Best of luck.

Clever! Hope it went well.

Isn't the human spirit wonderful?

I admire the way you can sort of joke around about a serious procedure.

Please let us know if it turned out OK. We'll be thinking of you.

My husband being a retired doctor and I both enjoyed your poem. Hope everything turned out OK.

Everything did turn out very well. Thanks for your thoughts.
Had cataract surgery last Wednesday - everything seems so much brighter, hope that's a good omen for the years to come.

Ellen Younkins

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