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Monday, 27 February 2012

I'm a (Senior) Rockette

By Linda Carmi

A poster emblazoned the window of my neighborhood yoga studio and caught my attention one morning as I left the class. In bright purple it said, "Dancers Wanted-No Experience Necessary.” My curiosity was piqued, so I read further.

There it was outlined, "perform in a professional show, regardless of dance experience, don't be intimidated.” The last words were encouraging for me.

After eight months of widowhood, I have been looking for something to bring a smile. This sounded like it could be the answer. So, I signed up to audition. Two days later I got the call, "Congratulations! You are a Sun City Senior Rockette.”

For nearly two months, I have showed up for practice twice weekly to learn "basic dance sequences.” Some of the ladies are veterans of last year's first annual program. We are 30 women divided into two groups, ages fifty-five to seventy-eight, all shapes and sizes. The common thread among us seems to be the joy of dancing.

After the first few practices, I was feeling not so much like a dancer but more awkward and decidedly ungraceful. But, I persevered and now, with extra practice and the growing bond among the ladies, I'm coming right along.

Our talented choreographer is well known in the world of dance and offers great encouragement. She has spread the word about the "senior" Rockettes in her world of celebs and we even have additional performances to look forward to.

If anyone had suggested to me a year ago that I would be performing in a senior dance program, I would have laughed for sure. But, it's giving me a smile. And that's enough for now.

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Good for you. Sounds like you're having lots of fun, and as you say, that's a good enough reason to get out there and hoof it.

Go for it and enjoy yourself. Life's too short to not savor it in any way possible.

What a wonderfully uplifting story to read first thing on a Monday morning.

Perseverance is key—congratulations for staying the course!

Panera Bread has window hangings for the dreary months of Feb. and Mar that have suggestions to their customers from their customers of how to make a day better--things like, smile at someone on the street, call an old friend, and many others including "try something new." Their sign encouraged me with the ideas and your story topped the feeling off this morning knowing that you have found a way to make more than one day better. Great story!!
Michigan Grandma


Great story. I loved that you persevered and became the tap dancer that you always knew you could be.

I loved Eleanor Powell, Ruby Keeler, Ann Miller and best of all,Linda Carmi of the Sun City Senior Rockettes.

Well, now I'm feeling better about taking up squaredancing with my 15 year-old. Up until today, I thought I was just a little crazy. Thanks for making my day inspired.

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