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Tuesday, 07 February 2012

The Church Was Closed But Angels Were on Duty

By Ellen Hollos

I had just turned 40 and was living in Germany when I developed a brain tumor. I became blind and could not speak. I thought my life was over and when a doctor said perhaps I could try an experimental operation, I said yes, really hoping I would die on the operating table. It all seemed so hopeless.

But I did awaken and after a few days I could see. At first, only light and blurry sight, but eventually I began to see, speak and get well.

I was in a two-person room at the hospital and when the doctor checked on my roommate, she asked her how long she would be there. The doctor said, “You can go!”

So I asked the same question and he said, “Oh, you can go too!”

I was quite surprised as my head was still all bandaged up, but it was such a beautiful day. However, I had no clothes to wear but another patient loaned me a long coat. I put on two gowns and some long pants another patient gave to me. Someone else found some shoes for me and I stuffed them with paper as they were too big.

I went outside. It was such a beautiful day. I noticed a church down the street on the other side. The highway was very busy, and I was slow and quite weak but I somehow I managed to get across.

I walked down the street, but unfortunately the church was closed.

I began to go back but I was getting so tired. I stood by the traffic light knowing I could not make it across in time. It changed several times and finally a man asked if he could help me.

He got another man and they each took an arm and guided (practically lifted) me across the street.

When I got back to the hospital, the doctor was absolutely shocked at what I had done. “But you said I could go”, I said.

“Oh no way, I was just joking with you!” he exclaimed.

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My goodness, you could have been seriously hurt. Good thing God sent two angels to help. I wonder if they ever knew how much that meant to you. (That Dr. should have had his head examined!)

I couldn't believe that could have happened, but how lucky you were to have someone looking after you. Obviously you completely recovered if you could write such a wonderful essay about yourself.

I am very proud to know you Ellen, and hope this is only the first of many good stories that you recall.

What a story. We need stories like this in today's envirement.

I thought the title to your story was perfect. Enjoyed your story. It sounds like what happened to you from beginning to end was a real miracle. So glad you shared it with us.
Michigan Grandma in Arizona

Thank the Lord for the Angels in all of our lives. Ellen I really can hear the doctor saying that to you, not for one moment thinking you would take him seriously. I am sure you were missed at the hospital. Were they all panicking looking for you? You were meant to take that journey anyway Ellen, to show you we don't need to be 'in church' to feel the Lord, in whatever deity you need is with us always. A lovely story to share this message of hope,your 'vision' restored.

That was terrific - I really laughed Ellen - imagine all those other patients helping you get dressed - you would imagine someone might have thought it was a bit strange - I bet by the time you got back to hospital you knew for certain you were going to get better! Great story.

Great piece..nice for you to be around to write it too...it's what makes life so interesting, things that happen to us, so totally out of the blue, and how reading about it makes for more stuff to ponder..Hope you write more..you can see how you woke everyone up with this one..

Hi Ellen, great title and a wonderful story. I hope to read more of ur stories. Thanks for sharing it.

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