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Tuesday, 06 March 2012

An Important Message For All Blog Subscribers – Please Read

There is a shortage of elder stories this week so an empty day is a good opportunity for me to explain how comments work for people who subscribe to this blog or it's parent blog, Time Goes By.

About two dozen times per week, I receive an email about a post that is clearly meant to be a comment that should be posted publicly. This happens with readers who subscribe via email or rss. Let me explain.

When you click “reply” and write a note, it comes to me as an email. No one else sees it. I suspect, too, that some people who click “reply” are not aware that there are many comments - often a terrific conversation that could benefit further by the interesting messages you send me - on the website which, of course, you never seen unless you visit the website.

For years, I have been sending individual instructions to readers, one by one, who hit reply to send their thoughts and – let me be honest – I am tired of repeating the same email message more than a thousand times a year.

So. Below are instructions on how to comment on a post you receive by email from The Elder Storytelling Place, Time Goes By and any other blog you subscribe to. Please, please learn them.

• Click the title of the story at the top of your email or rss

• Your browser will open at the page where that post appears

• Scroll down to the bottom of the story and click on the word, “comments”

• A new page will open with the story and also showing, below the story, all the comments that have so far been posted

• At the bottom of the comments, there will be a form where you can write your own comment

• When you are finished, click the word, “Post,” and your comment will be added to the bottom of the list

Any questions? Leave them below in the comments section by following these instructions.

[INVITATION: All elders, 50 and older, are welcome to submit stories for this blog. They can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, etc. PLEASE read instructions for submitting.]

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Let me just echo your message, Ronni. For your readers who may be concerned that a comment won't get the attention that an email gets, it ain't so. As a long time reader here I can vouch for the fact that Ronni engages in the comment conversation so your comments will be read here and often receive a considered response.

For Ronni's consideration: isn't there a way you can deliver this message as a header or a footer? In other words, can you standardize the message requesting in-line comments rather than email responses and include it in the RSS version of your post?

Dear Ronni,
I am one of those that you had to tell individually how to become part of the comments section. Since that time, I think I am doing it correctly. However, sometimes the blog requests that I respond with the letters it puts in front of me, which is OK. But other times it does not ask me to do this activity first. I think occasionally I have entered "POST" and not realized that I need to do the other activity first. I am not sure what triggers the letters that it requests me to respond to.
Thoroughly enjoy your blog and the stories.
Barbara Sloan

The letters you see are the CAPTCHA method of reducing comment spam provided by my blog host. It appears randomly. Just do as it instructs: copy the letters and numbers into the box and continue with posting your comment.

Even I, as the owner of the blog, am asked to do this. It saves readers from having to plow through dozens of stupid spam comments and means I don't need to spend as much time removing spam comments.

Thanks for explaining that. There are so many times that I have wanted to say "Great story" to the author but I am still learning about blogging. I just retired and finally have time to read and write and I LOVE the elder storytelling posts! Thank you for being an important part of my new life.

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