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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My Hospital Adventure

By Dorothy Moffitt

It was a wild and stormy night. Rain lashed the earth and the wind blew the power lines down. I helped my husband get the milking finished with the motor after the power cut out. It was midnight when we finished.

I had been battling pain all the evening. Finally, I said to my husband, “Can you call the ambulance? I cannot stand this pain any more.”

The volunteer ambulance drivers finally arrived and loaded me in for the wild, wet ride to the big town 40 miles away. All went well until we came to the river crossing into the town. The bridge was under water!

The drivers radioed the doctor who suggested we try the town 80 miles the other way.

Finally we arrived there as water lapped the sides of the road. I was not known at this hospital and they looked at me rather suspiciously as they had already had a patient who had tried to commit suicide and another who had terminated her pregnancy.

Next morning, they suggested I go back to the original destination town but I was not moving again. At midday, they finally operated and removed my appendix. I was meant to go to this town as the young doctor filling in for the local surgeon on holidays did a much neater job than my own doctor did on my husband later.

I was in a two bed ward with a dear old lady in her last days. When I was ambulant, I had some fun times trying not laugh with another old lady who had broken her leg chasing a cow on her farm and was trying to master walking with crutches. She later sent me some bulbs.

My minister visited and asked me to visit the patient who was suicidal when she thought she had cancer. I hope I made a difference in her life.

My husband sent my clothes in a suitcase in the local passenger bus. It was still waiting to be retrieved when he brought the family to visit several days later. I was still in a hospital gown.

It was an interesting and often amusing experience. I have had several visits to hospital since but none as dramatic as that one.

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What an interesting night that was for you,Dorothy.

It is always an eye opener to read stories of other people's experiences. I would not have wanted to take that long ride to the hospital during the pain of an appendicitis attack.

Good for you for coming through that with flying colors and then writing about it.

I would love to have heard the conversation you had with the potential suicide patient. Great story!

Wow, quite a story..I felt like I was listening to an old friend..Is it too personal to share what you talked about to the potential suicide? I worked in social services for nearly 40 years & often heard fellow workers talk about such encounters..always inspiring, always perked up my own awareness of how much pain is around us that we don't even notice..Great, great piece...thanks...

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