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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Trauma as the Fat Lady Sings

By Barb who blogs at Live and Learn

I've had a traumatic day. I braced myself upon awakening. There was a task I've been postponing. I knew today was the day I had to handle it.

I prepared myself mentally. There wasn't much I could do to ready myself physically. I stood up straight and squared my shoulders. I sucked in my gut. I knew I was as ready as I ever would be.

I walked purposefully toward my destiny.

I had choices and I made them. I felt hysteria bubble and catch in my chest. I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry. I squinted my eyes - best not to look too closely or I'd lose my nerve.

I paid the price.
My duty is done.
It's finally over.
The fat lady has sung.

I bought my first new swimsuit in 25 years!


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Barb - 25 years! Wow.

This was funny! - Sandy

Dear Barb,
Great Story!! Now how long before you wear it??
Michigan Grandma

Proud of you Barb. You are my hero. Strut your stuff proudly.
Arkansas Patti

Barb,you have touched on my most dreaded purchase of the decade..A swimsuit!

Last Summer we were having a swim party at our cottage in honor of my young niece,age 20...100 pounds...size 5.

She was about 15 minutes late and when she came down the road she shouted,"Sorry, I'm late,I had to stop and buy a new swimsuit....."

The day before I had spent 2 hours looking and trying on and never did buy any. Sigh...

Great story!

I loved it; something so many of us older women have to face; looking at ourselves in those 3 way mirrors as we try to squeeze into the new style swim suits.

Hope springs eternal that styles will return to the 1920 bathing suit (wool, of course!)

Fine humor. Well done!


My last foray into the swimsuit shop was about five years ago. I found a chlorine-resistant suit that fit and came in three colors. My sweetheart insisted that I buy all three.

As bathing suits were on my mind I bagan noticing them at the local Y and realized that the guys were way more clueless than the ladies.

Hi Ronni, LBR sent me here.

Well written Barb, and very humorous. Don't know if I will still fit in my bathing suit from 25 years ago!

Loved this Barb - there is absolutely nothing more confronting than looking at yourself in a swimsuit in the harsh light of a fitting room - well done!

Oh dear I cringed at the thought of going into a swimwear shop.. how brave you were Barb.I haven't had a swimsuit on for some years and even then I had a loose blouse on as well and I only paddled. My dilemma is not so much the bulging tummy or hips it's the skinny old lady legs dangling beneath. I do wish the old lady would come and get them back.... I know they're not mine.

Great post! I can sooo identify.

Cute little vignette. I really enjoyed it. I'm no different now than I was 25 years ago, yep, still chubby.

I had to stop by and say how much I loved this:). Had another LOL!

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