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Monday, 21 May 2012

The Girl and Her Dad

By Diane Linch who blogs at Small Thoughts


If you were there, you would know she was skip-dancing through the water and getting lost in the reflections in the puddles.

If you were there, you would also remember he had to remind her several times that the ultimate objective was not to dance in the cold but to move out of the drizzly, English afternoon and into the small craft show in the leisure center.

And if you were there as I the grandmother was, you would know both of them were enjoying this tiny moment in time, the added bit of warmth the hand-holding provided, the security of each knowing the other was safe and close.

And then you would know what happiness is.

[INVITATION: All elders, 50 and older, are welcome to submit stories for this blog. They can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, etc. Please read instructions for submitting.]

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Ah yes. A perfect moment caught in all its beauty. I love it and the photo.

Diane - such a beautiful reminder about savouring every moment - lovely

What a wonderful moment caught by an obviously loving grandmother.

Thank you for making me smile!

A lovely poem, and photo. I am going to steal your idea for my writing workshop tomorrow--photos as prompts for our writing practice and "If you were there you would know." Thank you, thank you, I can hardly wait!

Simplicity is beautiful, thanks for reminding us not to take that for granted.

Your photo reminds me of a single dad I know raising his teenage daughter by himself. They appreciate and care for each other as they prepare for her graduation and entry into the Air Force in two weeks. It could be a picture and memento of the last walk together facing a new stage in each of there lives..

Lynn: Wish I was taking your class...

Michigan Grandma

How many times now I regret not doing that with my child.

Beautiful! That picture put a big smile on my face. Thanks!

A lovely photo..a reminder for me of anoter time with my Father, as we walked thru a snowstorm..not too pleasant but a memorable time for me, as I never forgot the image, even though I felt so safe and fearless (it was icy too; we had to leave the car and walk). No photo just the picture, living always in my memory.

Love the piece..talk about how a few words can be put together to make such a beautiful moment..as in a picture is worth a thousand words..the words you shared reminded me like others of so many moments only saved in the mind's eye...Very touching and the picture just perfect, made me miss my Father, think of some Beau's, long gone, my 3 little Folletts, etc..carefree musings all of them...thank you..

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