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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Missing You

By Jacklynn Winmill-Lee

Jacklynn Missing Mom

The hours that I spent by your bedside
Memorizing every line of your face
I tried to imagine how life would be
Without you

I prayed that time would reverse itself
And give me the time to say all the things
That I should have been saying all along
To you

Time slipped away in a puff of breath
You disappeared nevermore to return
Leaving me feeling empty and sad and...
Missing you

The seasons have changed, but not my heart
I forget to remember that you're gone
But I smile when I touch your belongings
A part of you

I struggle each day since you left us
To find things that make me feel like singing
But there is no real joy, no love, no hugs
No you

But you taught me to always bounce back
To keep busy and do things for others
So I do, and it heals my heart when I
Emulate you

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That's beautiful Jacklynn. My Mom's been gone 16 years now, but your poem still fits my memories and the feelings are there still today.

You have written words that translate to feelings I have about the loss of my precious husband... Nothing will ever be the same. So painful, so painful...

that was so beautiful...I worry daily about losing my beloved husband of 45 years...and we are relatively healthy! Not sure why I worry so---he says he does, too...

Very poignant.

Just beautiful..I had a childhood of painful losses of loved ones and dread the idea that more will surely come for me in my "grown-up" days too...only way to avoid that is to depart early myself, and that doesn't seem so appealing somehow...It gives new meaning to "better to have loved and lost," but doesn't quite soothe the pain sometimes..brave of you to be so open..thank you...

I cherish your poem and will place it next to my mother's photo. I am still grieving two years after sitting by her bedside. This is exactly what she would be telling me to do! Thank you so much for sharing.

I thank you all so much for your kind comments. Tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of Mom's passing, but it seems like just yesterday. Mom was 93, and just a few months previously we had been talking about how much she still missed her mom, who had been gone for over 50 years. I guess it's like losing a part of you, like an arm or a leg... the pain lessens, and you adjust to life without it, but you'll always miss it.

I believe a Mother never leaves you.Even before death when she may appear to be physically or emotionally away from you she is always there spiritually. Her nurturing lives with you forever. Sadly my Mothers own mother died before she was two years old. She always said although there was family who cared for her and loved her there was always something missing. She herself was an inspirational Mother to my sister and I, now 10 years after her death we talk about her still as if she is still close by.Beautifully writen Jacklyn, thanks for sharing.. written

She is with you daily

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