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Tuesday, 05 June 2012

The Family Tree

By Stroppy

Courting was short with a passionate dance

then long slow days of continued romance.

Two made a nest and eggs were hatched

one by one, three made their batch.

The limbic spot inside their heads

created more laughter, than fear or dread.

Tears of course would come and go

as lives moved on, and they watched you grow.

Milestones reached with every year,

your progress held to them so dear,

pleasure and pain a healthy mix

win some, lose some, the family’s matrix.

Adults soon, time goes so fast

can’t hold it back, and make childhood last.

A few more years the youngest still at their side,

Yet they knew too well, all fledglings must fly

to leave the nest, but stay close to the tree,

‘Make your nest close to ours‘, was their Mothers’ plea.

Whence comes the time you three lay to rest,

The two you know who loved you best,

remember well they lived for you,

united in love, holding fast to that truth,

their love was born to welcome you three,

a proud chapter to add to our family tree.

[INVITATION: All elders, 50 and older, are welcome to submit stories for this blog. They can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, etc. Please read instructions for submitting.]

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Very, very nice. Makes me sad, as my tree has been chopped down.

I loved this poem ,Stroppy, and will change only two lines to make it fit our life,too.

Their love was born to welcome you four,
A proud chapter to add to our family lore.

Well done Nancy, I am including this in my memoirs and have done a few more poems in same style..Thanks for taking time to read and send a comment,Stroppy

Joanne please tell me more....sounds so sad..

Lovely, made me smile and ponder and read again a few times and then again this morning..just spent a quick 3 days with my youngest son's family of 5 children..only one couldn't make it home for brother's graduation..soon they will be married 25 years, I was so opposed, they were so young..that seems so impossible to ponder now..so glad I was around and could be part of the celebration..thanks for reminder of how life works, even when we question "how life works."

The limbic spot inside their heads? As in the thought of raising a family?

Love has fruit and deep roots.

Love the message and music of this work.

Please tell us Ms Zimmerman?

Hi Herm, the Limbic Spot in our brain the source of all emtions so yes primal urges of procreation is generated from here. Thanks for your comment . ?Ms Zimmerman I don't know..

Mary I do hope anyone who reads and enjoys this work values family as I do. Your recent family event could be a start of a snapshot story of one moment of your own to share.

Ms Joanna Zimmermann

Her comment sparked some interest.

Thanks Herm

Please Joanne Zimmerman you can't leave us all out here wondering about the family tree that got chopped down.

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