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Friday, 06 July 2012

For Real – Part 2

By Johna Ferguson

(Part 1 is here)

Then shocks of shocks. When I fainted, my bladder must have let go and I had completely wet my unders and slacks. Now what to do? The store person said she could get me a worker’s uniform. I could just pull it on over all my clothes, no problem. After I got home and washed it, I could send it back to the store.

I asked her to hand me my purse and jug of juice but she knew nothing about them; she’d call security.

They didn’t know either so she called lost and found. No, nothing had been turned in yet from security but they suggested I go up to that department and file a list of things and their descriptions. If they came in they would call me and store would deliver them that same day.

She brought me the uniform, a royal blue polyester pull on affair that zipped all the way up the front with the store name blazoned across the back. Now, to find the lost and found department and get out of the store and find my son.

The office was on the 6th floor and there was a small line in the waiting area. One couple had lost their three-year-old daughter in the toy section and they were frantic.

A woman claimed she sneezed and dropped her false teeth down the toilet as it flushed and wondered what to do.

And someone else lost their glasses while trying on dresses.

My case was simple but I had to wait anyway. I filled out a form stating what I lost, what things looked like, my address and phone number and they said they would call as soon as anything arrived that matched my descriptions.

Now to get out of the store and find my son and granddaughter who must be frantic about my whereabouts.

I got in the elevator to go to the mezzanine which was where we had obviously entered at the start of our shopping. I thought if I went out that same door we had come in I would run into his waiting van. But on my way from the elevator to the door, a security guard stopped me and asked to see my ID.

He said anyone wearing my blue type of uniform was supposed to only be working on the upper floors cleaning. I explained I didn’t have any ID and began to tell him how it all came about but he wasn’t interested in listening. He said they’d had lots of thieves lately who were wearing fake store uniforms so they could steal things.

With that, he grabbed my arm and said he was taking me to security and they would check out my story. I could feel my wet clothes clinging to my body which was getting colder by the moment. I just hoped they hadn’t leaked through in all the wrong places. I reminded myself to not sit down, no matter what.

Security reminded me of a jail in that they actually had a small holding type cell, I supposed for armed thieves. The man behind the counter looked me over and asked where I had gotten the uniform.

I explained how this fiasco all came about and I am sure he didn’t believe a word of it. I told him to call the health department in the store since a doctor had examined me and they would back-up my story.

He listened intently to whatever they told him on the other end of the line and then broke out laughing - I am sure about my wetting my pants. Anyway, he let me go but first pinned a fake ID number on my uniform so I wouldn’t be stopped again and told me it would be best if I just got out of the store.

Before I left that office, I tried to call my son and my husband again on my cell phone but neither answered so I decided to head out into the parking lots and stand around until they found me.

I found the entrance door on the mezzanine I thought we came in through and headed out to find his van, which of course looked like so many others, big and black. I wandered down this line and up another one until I heard my name being called. “Jo, is that really you?”

I answered that yes, it was truly me. I was shocked beyond words for the person calling me was none other than my former college boyfriend, a tall, very handsome, blue-eyed young man.

I hadn’t seen him for years; in fact last time was 1951, when we were juniors at the U of W planning on marrying the year after graduation. At that time he was just leaving to row in the intercollegiate crew races in Boston.

But what was so shocking was that not long after those races, he suddenly died - yet here he was coming straight towards me with outstretched arms.

I couldn’t believe it yet I let him hug me closely as he murmured in my ear that my family was really worried about me. He decided to help them look for me when he heard one of their wishes through prayers.

He wondered why I hadn’t answered their many calls so he took my phone and looked it over. I know little about cell phones other than how to make and answer calls. He said the reason I didn’t hear the ringing was I had I had turned down that function. As to why my calls were not going out, he didn’t know but he was sure one of my family could tell me what I was wrong.

I didn’t want to leave the warmth of his familiar embrace but I realized people in the parking lot were staring at us. I was afraid if I let go of him for fear he’d disappear.

He didn’t disappear. I woke up and realized the whole thing was a dream. I decided that if one must dream, may it have a pleasant ending as mine did - in the arms of a past love.

And a word to the wise: always look around so if you get lost, you can find your way back and also, learn how to use a cell phone properly.

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Johna - You could make yourself rich, writing suspense stuff!

This was great. - Sandy

Your story is amazing...
Whew... I just started breathing again...Thanks...

Uh-huh, but I still loved it all.

When I have dreams of being lost, things just get worse and worse. This nightmare just had to be a dream. So glad it was. Our hearts went out to you for sure.

I was hoping all along that this was just a dream and that you and Bobby Ewing would step out of that shower together.

Great story...I loved it..

Johna, this was such a good story, I called my husband yesterday, to tell him what you had written, and that it
sounded like a grocery in D.C.
Thanks for the suspense!

Oh man, you had me until he was supposedly dead. Then I thought you were mentally ill. But a dream? I hadn't expected.

Johna - I was so upset for you while reading this - it was entirely believable - even to the dream lover - I thought you were having a near death experience! Well done

Loved, Loved, Loved this. You had me all the way to the end!

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