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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


By Sydney Halet

How strange it must have been -
When the earth was green,
When the breeze was warm,
And the sky was bluer
Than a robin’s egg -
How strange it must have been!

How odd it must have seemed.
To hear the sounds of
Water-wild, pure, free,
Running down mountain sides,
Singing in its pebbled bed -
How odd it must have seemed!

And, oh, the flowers, the flowers -
They grew in such crowds
That the wildest storms
Raging from the heavens
Could not destroy their
Sweet perfumed majesties!

But, yesterday is gone -
The earth is burned by
Tongues of mindless flames
That lick at the litter
Cast like bread upon
The mass of struggling land!

The raucous sounds of
Horns, whistles, and engines
Drown out the sounds of
Water, now full of
Progress’ wastes and
Human discardations!

And, oh, the flowers, the flowers -
They died in such numbers
That short, human memory
Coming from polluted depths
Cannot remember their
Sweet, perfumed majesties!

How strange it must have been!
How odd it must have seemed!
To breath and to see,
To hear and to smell,
To feel and to taste - life!

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Wish I could have seen it, a well written reminder.

A well written but sad piece. LIke you,it makes me sad to see the urban sprawl,over-population,hectic lives and our computerized society that cannot enjoy the simple pleasures of life we grew up with.

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