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Monday, 13 August 2012

Movin' In

By Joanne Zimmermann

Well, it is nearly done. My “associate” sold his house and is moving in, complete with his two cats.

That makes four felines in my house. One male and three females make for some trouble. They are in the process of hissing it out. The male is cool, lays upside down in the middle of the room. The females stalk around the perimeter.

The choice of “associate” seems better than boyfriend, significant other, etc. It means “partner or companion or a degree conferred by a junior college!” I may earn the degree as time goes by. As a verb it can mean “connect in thought.” Boy, I hope so.

It seemed like a good idea for us both, for safety and finances. Oh, and most importantly, I thought color coordinating would be easier. He definitely does not like that. I think he is color blind anyway.

I always ask him what he is going to wear. He hated black when we met. Now he dresses like James Bond and his favorite dance is Bad, Bad Leroy Brown. So I said I would wear black and white as a friendly gesture.

He showed up in tan slacks and a tan floral Hawaiian shirt. “This is kind of similar isn’t it?” he beamed.

But these are not deal breakers; I can live with that. Who cares anyway really?

Well I do, but so what. He says he wants “freedom” to dress like he wishes. So no more suggestions from me, it will be a surprise each time, how fun is that? I don’t really have much excitement now anyway, except -

In trying out our arrangements, twice in the last week he has fallen out of bed. My bed is a very high four poster. The first time I thought he was dead. I was ready to call 911, but then he spoke. Other than a bump on his head, he seemed okay.

I suggested he pile up pillows on the floor in case it happened again but he said he would just wear his bicycle helmet. Is that not cool?

One of his step-daughters replied by email, thinking this was so great and she thought of all kinds of advantages. Her excitement was contagious and such a joy! The other one wanted to know the time and date of the wedding.

Actually we had set that date, about a year ago.  Our birthdays are just three days apart. We thought we would get married on January 23-1/2, the exact middle. And the year would be 2033, on my 100th birthday. We hate divorce and thought this would help to prevent that awful thing.

We have even picked our registry place - the Walmart pharmacy. And if someone really wants to splurge, twin Hoverounds would be appreciated.

This has forced us to concentrate on younger friends who will be available then. That is kind of fun; they don’t sit around complaining about their aches and pains. Several have said they are free that day, so it could be quite a large crowd.

Let me know if you can make it too, the more the merrier!!

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Your post is highly amusing. I had several good laughs. I wish you all the best with blending your households. I would guess the people will blend easier than the animals.

Joanne, I want to be there.
I will be 96, and ready to party.

OK... you say 2033 is the wedding date?

Since that is 21 years away and I am now 83, I will be 104 by the date of your nuptials.

I highly suspect that I will be enjoying my second childhood at that time and if they will let me out of the home, can I be a flower girl?

I would love to come.
I'll be 91 (thanks for doing the math Nancy)...
Hope to meet you all there!

I loved the idea of picking out the Walmart Pharmacy for your wedding registry. I grappled with some of the same matters when my boy-friend (a silly term at our ag) moved in with me. That was six years ago, and all is well. We three-he, I, and Puddy The Kat--are doing well.

I'll only be 94, so I'm coming if you have free booze and a Dixieland jazz band at the reception.

Wow, so many are coming that we will have to rent a larger facility, my associate suggested a funeral home!

I loved your story and with your sense of humor I predict a long and happy union. Strange isn't it that your "associate" doesn't have a better name. Oh well, the name doesn't matter, the person does.

Count me in too. I'll be 109.

Funny, funny. What a great sense of humor you have. My mother always told me to marry a rich old man, and then they could die and leave me everything. Now you can grow old and still get married to a rich, old man. Both of you have a wealth of humor.

So, Charlotte, you will be only 109?

In that case, you can be a Junior Bridesmaid and I will still be the flower girl..

Do you think they will give us passes from the home?

We would love to accept your invitation, but it depends on where the wedding is taking place. Neither one of us likes to drive late at night.

Oh, I love this story. If I'm still around I'll try to make it. A family member of 80+ fell in love again a few years ago, told me they would wed, but he became ill and .....will happen to all of us.

She recently discarded another thought-to-be heart mate when his insistence on secretiveness with others that he was seeing her led her to believe he was just using her.

I like the term "associate"!
I'm making note of this in case I'm ever in need of such a label.

Lucky girl! I'll be there.
I'll only be 90. Can I bring a date?

Gabby, my associate needs a best man so looks like you are it.
Do you play the crutches? We need a band, oh I am so excited.

Susan, Jan 23 1/2 is high noon so no problem with driving at night. Nancy what kind of flowers do you want, and Charlotte, what is your favorite color for the bridesmaid dress? I want to please all of you.

I am wearing a tinfoil hat, in case anybody wants to know.
The Associate

Hey u two
I am so happy U got promoted to associates (I hope that is a promotion). We know u will be happy, with 4 cats who wouldn't be.
Yes we expect to attend your lovely wedding. You have such a talent for writing and so humorous
We both laughed so much reading your announcement today

I'll definitely be there if the invitation is an open one - hope by that time travel is by teleportation since I'll still be living in Australia and even today the flights to your side of the world take a very long time - at 95 I'll be in a hurry to get there!

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