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Thursday, 20 September 2012


By Ross Middleton

We do not wish to chastise Machiavelli
There’s reason for what he did
Some regard him as the devil
And say his bid for fame
Would better not have happened

When our country is in flames
Our province threatened
And our likelihood not assured
We might all form a new perspective

A huge crime
Surely not
The understanding of the body politic before was unrealistic
Things went on as they did
The rules did not apply
A discrepancy exists in human values and our actions

Niccolo wanted to tell it as it is
He saw brutality and power
And gauged how best
Unity could be achieved

It would not be wise to believe
That politics before him was waged more fairly
There was the element of war and deceit in it all


Today 500 years after
We can ease up on our belief in reality
It has not proven itself
Now his words are an excuse
For all that goes on
And we have not improved

We are weak creatures
Or so it is said
Frail and barely able to govern ourselves
Yet we know something
We all know something
And we can inject it
Our thoughts need a dose
Our behaviour
Our institutions
The recognition we must not just go on
In the world as it is
But hold to some ideals
A way of seeing
Which will improve us all
Helping alleviate some of the suffering
Eliminating brutality
And allowing people
To be
What Machiavelli thought they could never be
Free in spirit
Careful in action
And considerate of others

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Lately I have been recalling my carefree days in the little town where I was born. There was no television. We didn't know what was going on in the rest of the world, except for the war. We didn't know all the bad things taking place in our own country. Our churches, families and friends cared for those in need. I miss that simple life. Your piece reminded me of this.

I have hope; hope for my country, hope for the world. It may not be enough but it keeps me going.

"Eliminating brutality" would be my aim, too.

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