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Monday, 17 September 2012

The Cat Cowboy

By Joanne Zimmermann

Every morning, the Associate rounds up his herd which consists of the four cat apprentices and does the chores. These duties are considerable.

First, he feeds and waters them then cleans the litter boxes. He then sorts them out to their assigned daily locations. Two are outdoors, two must stay in.

One of his, Sasha, is a teeny, feisty, Russian Blue type. She is the youngest. She is also the boss of them all. I think before he got her she was definitely an outdoor cat.


Yesterday, while he was gone, she decided she'd had enough of sedentary life. She attacked my old Abby, and Dusty the Maine Coon joined in. I opened the door for Abby to escape and all three flew out hissing and caterwauling.



I rushed out to try to keep Sasha from escaping our fenced backyard. I grabbed a large net from the yard and flew around trying to catch her in it. That was like trying to catch a tiger in a teacup!

She finally escaped the yard by leaping over the fence. Well, I certainly showed her!! And the neighbors as well as they probably wondered what caused the racket and saw the crazy lady with her butterfly net racing around over there.

What to do, as I feared the Associate’s reprisal when he got home. I had promised not to let her out. He was afraid she would “run away.”

But he was surprisingly calm. He knew she was not fitting in so he just said, “Well, if she runs away so be it.”

Wonder of wonders, she soon showed up at the porch door acting as if nothing had happened.

She came in, calmly washed her face and acted almost nice. She came up to me and “smiled” with her crooked underbite. She presented herself for a petting. We have decided that she is really an outside girl and perhaps we need to give her a bigger canvas to expend some of her giant energy.

The only apprentice who does not cause any trouble is Isis. I think you can possibly see why.


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I loved this story about your cats.Cats are so much fun, (Except the part about the food and the litter box).

I laughed when I saw the last picture because I thought my Grandson was the only one who could lie on a sofa like that.

Does Isis watch Sesame Street,too?

Nice story. This associate you have seems to be a nice guy. Keep him.
You captured the essence what great company cats are.

Would you like to meet him?

Good thing you both like cats. Cute pictures and cute story.

Yep, i agree that Isis is probably not much trouble at all.

Such a good, descriptive story!
Isis is just the best! Great photos.

Good story and wonderful photos.

You just gotta love Isis!

Slanty eyes,
Tongue out,
Sasha is my favorite
Without a doubt

Sounds like quite a mix of personalities. I wonder what would happen if you added a puppy to the mix? Yeah, I know, they don't use litter boxes -- at least the way they would be meant to be used.

It is evident you love the cats! Enjoyed the story.

Yeah, the one holding down the sofa...my kind of cat.

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