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Thursday, 18 October 2012


By Johna Ferguson

I loved it when I read in The New York Times that chocolate makes one lose weight, not gain it. I guess the antioxidants in dark chocolate are the good thing for one’s body. For one who craves a piece of chocolate with her morning coffee and sneaks a chocolate cookie in the afternoon – well, it’s heaven-sent news.

Well not really for me for I don’t actually tip the scales at a very good weight. I’m too thin, but then maybe if I eat a lot of it I can offset that with all the calories consumed.

But imagine what a boon this must be for some of those overweight people who have tried about every diet there is possible. I’ve read some of those diets and find them ghastly.

Imagine living without deep fried foods, no doughnuts, cheese, jams, fat-marbled red meat and the like. I even read about one doctor whose diet consisted of eating nothing white. That rules out a lot of breads, pastas, potatoes, milk and the like. How horrible, takes all the fun out of eating.

I can’t imagine giving up my two times a month dinner out with my daughter-in-law. We feast on hamburgers with buns, cheese, mayonnaise and bacon. Of course, also included is a large amount of French fries.

Granted, we do start the meal with a tossed green salad but with a nice oily dressing and a topping of cheese. And how could one possibly go out to dinner without a couple glasses of red wine? I’m sure no diet would allow any of that.

When we go out, I do sneak in a couple pieces of very dark chocolate for us to savor with our second glass of wine. I’m not sure whether it is the wine or the chocolate that seems to send us both into heaven, but we land hardily when it’s time to head to the car and drive home.

I guess everyone has their favorite chocolates, perhaps depending on where you live. My favorite is Dilettante chocolate but there are so many more like Godiva, Lindor, See’s and Ferrero Rocher.

When I was a child we only had Hershey bars but like everything else in the world, times change and new chocolate companies are everywhere. Not only have they thrived but the cost has risen so that some are really extortionately priced.

But if your craving moves you, nothing can stop you from buying one or two morsels. Enjoy your morning coffee with a piece of dark chocolate while you read Ronni’s blog. I guarantee the combination of the three is beyond your wildest imagination.

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Johna, oh you lucky woman! I am the one on the endless diet, craving the white food!
But I keep a little jar of dark chocolate for occasional treats. Well written!

I am constantly watching what I eat as my weight creeps up. But I love chocolate. I guess I can avoid the white chocolate. Have you ever tried Wilbur's buds? Made in Lancaster County PA. Wonderful.

Johna - Whew!

I knew there was a reason I crave dark chocolate. As a result of your neat story I feel less guilty. - Sandy

For me the best way to lose weight and/or maintain it is to eat very small meals. One can even include a ittle chocolate as a snack. I love those Hersheys mixed miniature chocolates. Each one has only 45 calories, so I am told.

I envy you having the ability to eat what you want. I walk by a table and the calories jump on my hips! Today is a good day to thank God for the gifts you are given.

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