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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Memories of Qingdao

By Johna Ferguson

Waiting and watching, for my steps in the yard,
The magpies sit on the iron fence, just like on guard.

But once I open the door, and enter their space,
They fly away quickly, as at the start of a race.

But then as I leave, they slowly fly back,
And hone in like pilots, from some defensive flak.

One sits on the fence, guarding others while they feed,
He drops down to eat, and another follows his lead.

About 12 magpies come daily, to feast on the seeds,
While 20 sparrows wait patiently, to fill their needs.

If I run out of grain, which I buy at the store,
I feed them our food scraps, and they clamor for more.

I wish I could talk, to my feathered flock,
Who visit my yard, promptly at seven o’clock.

But they shy away, whenever I appear,
I don’t look like them, so they have a great fear.

But they are my true friends, here in Qingdao,
To each and every one of them, I deeply bow.

Thanks for your kindness, and friendship to me,
I’ll think of you in my dreams, just wait and see.

May someone feed you, while I am away,
Goodbye and good luck, is all I can say.

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Quite a poet, you are!!
Some wonderful friendships can exist between humans and the creatures of the earth.

They will miss you.

Where are you going? I enjoy your writing about Quingdao.


Isn't it a blessing to be able to express yourself so well?

I really enjoyed your poem...


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