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Monday, 22 October 2012

Memories of the Superdome

By Marcy Belson

When we were going to NBC conventions for the radio station, we visited New Orleans. One of the events was a dinner at the Superdome. There was a very long escalator to the upper level where the dinner was held.

I don't have any memory of the dinner or the entertainment; my husband said it was Paul Anka and I think he is great, but this is about what happened later.

I have to set the scene. I was attired in a long, pleated black skirt with a fancy over-blouse. My husband stepped on the escalator first with me next. As my foot touched the first step, my long skirt caught in the side of the step.

Since the skirt had an elastic waistband, I immediately felt it slipping down my hips. Fortunately, in those days, women wore slips or, at least, I did. Otherwise, I would have been the late entertainment for about 200 other guests.

With both hands, I grabbed the skirt, at about the time it reached my belly button, and hung on for dear life. I then heard the fabric tear. Rip. I was saved. I might have a ruined skirt but I wouldn't be exiting in my slip.

My relief was short lived. The monster escalator had chewed a half moon from the rear of my skirt. It was long in front and up to my underwear in the back. The best was yet to come.

Now we were about half way down the long escalator with most of the crowd behind us. The escalator ground to a sudden stop; I think it was belching up my black skirt. It made a terrible mechanical scream and died.

People were upset, probably thinking it might collapse and surely not happy about walking down another couple of hundred metal steps to the ground. I was just hoping I could disappear before they realized I was the cause of this disaster.

I wrapped what was left of my skirt around me and made my way to the bottom and we ran for a taxi! I love New Orleans and I left my heart and my skirt there.

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Good story! Are you sure you didn't dream this?! :-)

Marcy, This is a great story. Good for a laugh now but probably not so funny at the time.

Thanks for an entertaining story, well told.

I had a somewhat similar experience in Moscow on an escalator. I have also had a skirt experience similar to yours but not on an escalator. Between you and me, we could produce some good "I Love Lucy" shows.

Oh Marcy,

Skirts can surely be our "downfall" (no pun intended). Sounds as if you lost a lovely skirt. I lost mine, which was a wool tartan pleated job, while standing at a crowded bus stop with an armload of books. Thankfully I too was wearing a slip.
Fine story! I laugh at my skirt story in retrospect too, at the time I thought I'd never be able to lift my head in public again.


I know you are trying to take a picture of every day in your life...Did you get a shot of this?

Great story...Well told.

Ah yes, thanks for slips, but I think they are old fashioned now according to the younger generation, and they probably wouldn't be embarrassed if the same happened to them, they would have a picture of it on their Iphone and Facebook for sure.

Is that what we would call a wardrobe malfunction? You're in good company with those!

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