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Friday, 12 October 2012

The Hipster

By Marcy Belson

Marcy Belson

Every two years I'm asked to report to my HMO for an x-ray of my total hip replacement, done a few years ago.

I'm part of an ongoing study, watching for problems of one kind or another.

No one ever asks me, and I wait, hoping they will, so I can report how glad I am the surgery was done. I had a slow recovery. I was so afraid of falling, but now there are few physical tasks that stop me.

The surgeon told me, I would see the day when I completely forgot it was done. He was correct.

This morning, I had the x-ray done. I asked the friendly technician if she would take a photo,as I am keeping a journal of my 75th year, by photographing my daily activities.

She was great! First, she took a picture of me standing in front of the x-ray machine, then on the table, and finally, a close up.

When I print my little book of photos, I will probably only use the one of me standing. I think I look so fine. Ha ha. I look like an old lady in a hospital gown, with wild socks!

Come to think of it, I probably can't run now. But I couldn't run before the surgery, either. I used to be a runner. I loved the runner's high. Better than a Scotch and water.

I think my most important advice to the younger ones would be, enjoy life. It's true, the things you don't do will be what you regret. Get out and run!

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I like your attitude - and your photo!

Great picture of a healthy looking woman, but as to running. Well I gave that up about 15 years ago, and now at 82 I think I'd rather have a scotch and water than try it again.

What a great story. You are so right, get out and do the things you love and when you can no longer do the things you love, find new things you love to do.

Great picture! Go for the gusto! Heheheh, they told me 15 years ago that they probably would have to re-do my hip in 15 years. So far, it's good as gold (or titanium). I'm working on visiting all the national parks in the US and South Korea. *^_^* {Korean smiley}

What an attitude, good for you. You pose so proudly and you should be very proud.

I am a kneester, a double kneester I guess. Only partials, one with a 5 year warr and one with a 25 year warr.
Go figure. The five year was 8 years ago. Still ok, as long as I bicycle daily.


What a great idea you have...Photographing all of your activities,good and not so good,of your 75th year..

Make a collage of them and have Ronni put them up here on New Years Eve.....


Great to put a face to your wonderful stories and I *love* the socks! You look absolutely fabulous! My arms, knees and hips work fine but I wish they did spine transplants, beginning at the base of the skull and working down.

Marcy, love your idea of a picture each day of your 75th year. Maybe in about 8 months I'll copy your idea. I have a record of every day of my 65th year. So why not celebrate the 5s -- whether there'll be on more or ...who knows?

I think the best thing about writing these stories is the great comments! Thank you, one and all!

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