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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Whose Backbone?

By Ross Middleton

In 2006
Almost 6 years ago
I had a spark
After having been quiet for years
Something entered into me
And I believed I could do something worthwhile
Talk to a world
That I had not attempted to talk to for years

There was built-up energy
Observations I had gathered
Views I held
Began to pour out of me

Some of these I shared with friends
Many I didn’t
The stimulus carried me on

I do not claim to have come to an end
But I am tired now
The time goes by
And I’m doing little

The back pain I suffer has worn me down
Organizing my thoughts is difficult
Alannah and I are arguing
She does almost all the work
While I play the part of an invalid
Neither of us is happy
She too has a bad back
Not as bad as mine we feel
But she must be careful what she does
She feels put upon
And is
I don’t know quite how we can share the chores
She is more efficient than I
And can be demanding
I’m not a good worker
And have never been

Somehow we must work through this together


There are also difficulties in the outside world

Abroad there have been disturbances
Europe is experiencing disruptions
The USA is not settled
The financial institutions are stressed
As is my back

Analogies are analogies
They’re often of little use
But at home we know
We must keep calm
Be sensible
Must not believe we can go on consuming all the time
Allowing money and goods to be the major part of our lives
We must settle down
Show some restraint
Not get too fat
Exercise our judgement
Both physically and mentally

There is much conjecture
As to what to do in the current parlous financial situation
Political colours vivid
Anger apparent
The structures are there
But they have allowed some financial institutions
To go far too far
Now is the time for settlement
The Governments must rein in
Careless and greedy banks and individuals
And must once again set some goals
As to how the Economy should run

There are always disagreements
Extreme views do great harm
Treatment should be what is required for remedy

Though no-one would equate my problems
With those of the Economies of the Nations of this world
We all have to treat our spines properly
The connecting nerves
If not cared for
Can cause great pain to the extremities

As well
I hope we all believe
The brain is essential to the nervous system
And also hope
Those controlling it
Are not vacuous

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Hey Ross-

You are "worried to death" and will not be around to experience these pitfalls.
Eat chocolate and go to a massage parlor!!

Interesting piece.

As another couple who are in much the precarious "who can do what with the least damage" situation this speaks volumes to me. We weigh our decisions carefully, who picks up what and at what price? Money is not the only currency, pain, energy, endurance, all come in limited quantities and must be spent with great care. Not with self-pity and a sense of poor-poor-pitiful-me, but with a practically that erases sentimentality like chalk on a blackboard. To extend this metaphor to society as a whole is what the "wisdom" of age is all about. A certain brush with age and infirmity allows us to see a truth not afforded the young, that 20 years is an eyeblink. What you think you do not have to worry about (at 20, 30, 40 and even 50) can become your daily concern as you grow old. I'm concerned about what comes after us too, what happens when all the resources have been squandered, the last dollar mined, drilled, sawn down, fished out... What happens then? I think you wrapped up the package - from personal to worldview - very well indeed. Some days I wish I drank! :D

Hmmmph, energy and endurance come in limited quantities. Pain not so much. That seems to come from an everflowing spring! Too much the fond companion.

Good to put into words some of the things which are mostly hidden - the costs to a relationship when both individuals are battling to endure.
Yes the brain is essential but so too is a loving heart both for individual and international affairs.
I'm sure you will work through it and do keep on sharing your thoughts and feelings with the rest of us. Thank you for a thoughtful post.

Absolutely interesting piece. Ross, keep writing. You are doing your part.

Words have power and what you have to say matters. Keep writing. It will be good for your soul and your feelings can affect another even when you're gone.

Between the two of you, don't forget to take note that neither of you is alone.

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