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Tuesday, 04 December 2012

A Home For Christmas

By Dani Ferguson Phillips of The Cataract Club

It was the first day of school and a new year had just begun. My daughter Julie welcomed 19 new kindergarten students to her classroom. She was happy to be greeted by such eager boys and girls, each ready to work and learn new things.

What she didn’t know at the time was that there was another eager student just waiting to join the class.

A little black and white kitten had been born under the music building over the summer vacation. He started life as one of four kittens that were either abandoned by their mother or perhaps she fell victim to a car or other tragedy.

Three of the kittens didn’t survive the loss of their mother but one did. One lonely little survivor had learned to hunt for his food and maintained shelter under the music building.

Due to his inquisitive nature, the little cat was unable to resist the laughter and squeals of the children. For days he watched them from the safety of his underground home as they played nearby. But it wasn’t long before one of the students noticed the little kitten.

As their squeals got louder, the kitten hastily retreated to the safety of his den but not before his four white feet were spotted and the children had named him Socks.

The school year progressed. The children were learning so many new things. They were learning to obey the classroom rules and to follow instructions. When the children were at recess they were told to leave the kitten alone and not to touch him. Since he was a stray and had not had any vaccinations it was not safe to play with him.

Now, Socks knew of no such rules so each day as his bravery grew, he came closer and closer to the playground until one day he was lying under the jungle gym playfully swatting at the children’s feet as they dangled above.

Soon he was trying to play chase with the children. Finally, it was apparent that something would have to be done to protect both Socks and the children.

Two days before Thanksgiving break, a call was placed to a local feline rescue organization called Hands Helping Paws. The young woman who answered was told about Socks the kindergarten kitty and the she agreed to come to the school.

Though it was Saturday, she met Julie at the school and they tried to coax Socks out from under the music building but he wasn’t having it. Julie explained that the only time Socks would come out was when the kindergarten class was out for recess.

So, the following Monday when the students went out for recess, the lady from Helping Hands was there. She placed a pet carrier on the playground and waited for Socks. They didn’t have to wait long before Socks came bounding out to play with his friends.

Miraculously he went straight to the carrier to check it out and stepped inside. The door was shut and Socks was quickly taken away to find a new forever home.

Since the children had been prepared ahead of time, they were happy to see that Socks would not have to live outside in the cold this winter. They all decided they wanted to raise money for the rescue group and so began their Pennies for Paws campaign.

Today the class received some pictures of Socks and they were updated on how he is doing. He has received his vaccinations and was neutered yesterday and he will be available for adoption this weekend, just in time for Christmas!


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How lovely for Socks!! Good story, Dani.

I love cats and stories about them. This one was particularly appealing. I'm hoping one of the student's get Socks for Christmas.

Cats are absolutely amazing. For those who do not know them, each is so unique. They are not all "cold and aloof."
Socks is typical of a cat with individualism. Good job, very heartwarming.

I was hoping that the Kindergarten class was able to adopt socks after shots and neutering. What an attraction next year for the new kindergarten children to belong to Sock's class.
Interesting story about how he gradually got closer and closer to the children and trusted them.
Enjoyed reading the story.

What a delightful story.
I hope that Sock's gets a home soon and lives happily ever after!

What a handsome kitten! Please let us know if Socks gets adopted! We had something similar happen to us. An abandoned kitten "found" us and sat by our windows and cried until we gave in to the tears. She's now curled up and sleeping under our kitchen table. Good thing Socks lives far away.

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