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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Is It Time to Go?

By Marc Leavitt of Marc Leavitt's Blog

On the Mayan calendar, by the twenty-first of December,
All the years are used up; it’s a time to remember.

With their wise calculations, the Mayans decreed
Twenty twelve was the last year; that was all that you’d need.

Their math was correct; it was there on the stones.
The end must be near; can you feel it in your bones?

Is it time to clean house, pay the bills, set those ducks in a row?
Don’t doubt it for a minute, their calendar tells us it’s so.

It’s almost a relief; the Mayans made it quite clear,
Let us know we won’t have to worry about this stuff next year.

But say, what if the Mayan calendar’s wrong, and we might
Be able to stay around, and a new year comes into sight?

If the end of the planet won’t be happening just yet,
Then unload the spaceship, the Mayan prediction’s all wet.

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I still say they got to this year and said, "Ah! Next guy can figure it out from there." No sense in worrying. Happy Christmas. Very good poem.

Enjoyed your whimsy, Marc. Gotta' go read some of your blog now.

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