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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Proof of Age

By Marc Leavitt of Marc Leavitt's Blog

At twenty nine, I looked my age,
At least, I thought it clear,
A bartender, not on my page,
Sought proof to serve me beer

I had a wife and kid at home,
A job for board and bed,
I was adult, how dared this gnome,
To question what I said!

I vowed this stuff would come no more,
A moustache did the trick,
And years went by with no encore,
Until I was no chick.

I wear a neat grey beard today,
It suits me not to shave,
And proofs of age, I often say,
Are not the things I crave.

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Nice work, Marc. Very enjoyable.

Clever commentary, Marc.

Glad men have ID problems also.

I agree on clever and think you are first male I ever heard who had the id problem too...I started changing my baptism certificate at l4 when I wanted a part time job, then at l6 when I wanted a full time job..always had to show proof into my 20s, depending on where I was..mob of kids helped in my 30s..Now I watch carefully when someone has to check my id for something to see if they go wow or Ah when they see the big numbers..recently one young woman said so loudly, wow, you sure don't look that old..emphasis on the THAT..so maybe it's back to carrying my old forged ids again...great thinking about it...thanks..

Made me laugh today.

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