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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Nose In My Ear Or, An Aging Love Song

By Arlene Corwin

Watching Sunday morning TV,
Eating late – toast, egg, and milky coffee,
He leans in and nuzzles me.
(A funny word: to nose-el,
And a funny feeling.)
Have you ever had a nose in ear?
You can no longer hear –
Not for that second.
Somewhat trying and demanding,
But, however, nonetheless,
A candy – ridiculous,
But yes and yes; a sugared kiss.

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Very cool, Arlene. It did occur to me for an instant, however, that you could be referring to a creature of another species. Sounds like something my cat would do.

THat's a horse of a different color - I mean cat. I've got a whole collection called Cat Book - all about cat behavior, my cat in particular. Endlessly interesting and inspiring. But no, it was my equally interesting, inspiring, loving but dry nosed Kent.

So glad you think it's cool.

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