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Friday, 08 February 2013

Name Calling

By Jackie Harrison

My children have become accustomed to my silliness and especially my using pet names or acronyms instead of their real names. Most of the time no one objects but occasionally I get some flak.

I suppose my fun and mischievous nature from childhood has never ended. When I was in nursing school and became bored, I wrote songs and verses about my roommates and classmates.

They finally retaliated with a song that ended in, "And that leads to Jackie who's terribly wacky."

We were taught as nursing students that people love to hear their names spoken. Being a twin, I think I am an exception. I was usually never called by the right name. To this day, if anyone looks in my direction, regardless of what they call me, I answer.

I am also not very objective when it comes to how people look. If someone asks me if a person is attractive, I really don't know. If I like them, they are; if I don't, they are not. As far as their names go, I might think an Anne looks like a Linda and then she is Linda forever with me.

When my daughter was a baby, I began calling her "Jenny Pig." In Georgia, pig or piggy was an endearing term. But I had another reason for her calling her that.

I started nursing my daughter as a newborn like I had planned. However, shortly after each nursing, she continued to cry and the constant crying caused me to think she was not getting enough nourishment from my breast milk. I recalled the hemorrhages I had after her birth and the doctor and I decided to put her on the bottle.

As soon as she started on bottled milk and food, she could not seem to get enough to eat so I lovingly called her my Jenny Pig.

When my daughter became a little older, I switched to JP. That stuck until she became a teenager and a majorette, concerned with any ounce of excess fat on her body. Now I dare not call her JP.

I call my son, Tom, "T" most of the time. He thinks it is funny and returns with, "M" or Maw Squaw since I have American Indian blood.

My feelings were hurt when my daughter said she was naming her daughter after her Aunt Barbara. Her Aunt Barbara, a close family member, always wanted a girl but only had boys.

Jenny offered to change her plan after I expressed my disappointment and name her daughter for me.

I said, "Just make her middle name "Lyn" for the last syllable of my name, Jacquelyn. She did but no one calls my granddaughter Barbara Lyn so I call her BL.

Now that my daughter's children are married with spouses who have the same names as other family members, I use acronyms for them. My daughter's daughter-in-law is Jenny, like my daughter's name and her husband is Josh, so I call her JJ, Josh's Jenny.

BL's husband is Josh, the same name as Jenny's son. I call him JD. (He didn't like being called by his last name, which the others were using.)

My son and daughter are nine years apart making his children much younger than my daughter's children. When T's daughter was small, she felt left out of my nicknaming and wanted me to give her one. Her name is Jackie Grace. I call her JG. She likes that.

Now that my daughter's children have babies, they have given me my own acronym, GG, for great grandmother. My little great-grandchildren call me that.

Because my Jenny's children named me GG, my daughter didn't like being called grandmother or grandma. She decided on Mimi which doesn't stand for anything. But it is endearing anyway for a wonderful grandmother.

Here is a snapshot of my GGCs:

Name Calling J Harrison

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Hmm, think that first comment belongs elsewhere?
Good story Jackie, and a darling bunch of GGC!!

You are so lucky to have GGC near you so you could snap their picture. My 3 live a long way from Seattle so I must be content with pictures they send me; no holding them when babies etc.They also have unusual names; maybe I'll shorten them all to something I can pronounce.

Great slice of your life, the picture is wonderful, hope I am around for great grandchildren, 3 kids, 6 grands, so maybe 18 are in the cards...loved the initials..

Such a lovely batch of littlekins! How lucky are you? I, too, have 5 great-grands, aged 12 to 3, and consider myself blessed. A cute story.

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