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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

On Grey Hair

By Marc Leavitt of Marc Leavitt's Blog

When I was young, my hair was black,
The sides, in front, and in the back.
In high school it was black, close-cut,
In college, black - still in a rut.

My army haircut, what’s it called?
The closest name I know is “bald.”
Once more at home, I grew it long,
It came in black, and thick and strong.

As years sped by, my hair turned grey,
The black just simply went away.
It still is grey, it keeps that shade;
I like it fine, that’s how I’m made.

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Grey's okay with me too as long as I still have a reasonable amount of it left. ;-)

Marc, When I stopped having my hair colored, it came in white. That's fine with me, and I get lots of compliments on it. However, I also get a fair amount of stereotyped reaction: I have white hair, so I must be in steep decline, mentally, physically, and every other way.

Do you think people react differently to men with grey or white hair than they do to women?

Cute poem. I especially like the last line.

For some weird reason my hair turned white in front while the back remained brown. The white is slowly creeping around my head and if I live long enough I will be completely white. I like it fine, too.

Men look good with grey hair and let's face it they are always in demand but women do better with a visit to the colorist.

Love the poem. I also had the experience of my hair coming in silvery white when I stopped coloring it around age 50. It was a struggle for about a year, until it got pretty much even, although I still have dark hair in the nape area, and dark stands in front. Weird. When I stopped coloring it my boss, a man in his 60's at the time, who had gone white many years before that, asked me if I was getting "blonder". I laughed and said, "I think they call it grey." He replied, "Same thing." I just smiled and remember thinking to myself, "Maybe it will be as soon as they come out with Granny Barbie." I have gotten compliments on my hair, which I wear long now, and I'm quite happy with it. Much better than when I was a slave to the dye bottle.

I liked this so well, I read it aloud to my husband this morning. I like my white hair.

College classmates. Reunion every 5 years. Always think it's funny to note how many of my friends are now "blondes."
I like my "SILVER" hairs. Depending on the light, I look almost completely silver or still salt and pepper. Just thankful it's still healthy -- and not "processed." I've never enjoyed fooling around with my hair. But maybe it's time for a shorter cut -- so I can swim, shower and GO!

Loved your poem! Loved its rhythm. Love my thick curly gray hair. Spent my youth dying a mousy brown. So glad to be gray. Or is it grey?

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