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Tuesday, 05 March 2013

On My Wardrobe in Retirement

By Marc Leavitt of Marc Leavitt's Blog

The serried ranks of suits recall my pace
Of hectic work and business matters;
Expensive rags, but now I need the space
For jeans and sweats, especially the latter.

I always bought the best I could afford,
And wore the outfits that the job required,
No detail overlooked, no touch ignored,
I built the business image I desired.

Today my closets groan; the worthless stuff’s
A bore, like nosey neighbors, who refuse
To go back home, no matter the rebuffs,
And there’s no room for something I can use.

My wardrobe did its part for my career,
But that was then; it’s useless now, I fear.

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Same for my husband's closet. I cannot convince him to rid himself of it.

We get a visit from a guy soliciting funds for a homeless shelter twice a year. Last time he said that they particularly need business clothes so that their people can look professional on job interviews. Good for them and your closet.

GoodWill is another place to donate used clothing along with other items. If you keep the receipts, you can use them for a charitable deduction at tax time.

Oh, that one hit home! I also gave away a complete wardrobe of business professional wear (varying sizes) when I retired. they went to young women just entering the business world. Now? Sweats and sweaters. Sighing luxuriously, I say, "it's my time to play!" and that's how I want it.

Ah Marc, how sweet it is, to dress in sweats and thumb my nose at the "suits"!

You could have been speaking for me too. I also have a drawer full
of slips and pantyhose that never get worn. If I need to go
"formal," I exchange jeans for
black slacks.

Wonderful poem, just drop the last two lines. You already made the point beautifully.

I like the last two lines!

Your poem hit the spot! I keep a few "work clothes" because I teach English as a second language 2 days a week. It gives me a reason to walk and socialize, so I don't become an internet couch potato. ;-)

Oh my..how I can relate to this! And I LOVE my sweats and t-shirts! Who would have thought?

Thanks for this wonderful blog posting!


I can relate as well! Shortly after having to retire on disability due to strokes, I cleared my closet of all "business attire" and lots of other stuff. Don't miss them one bit. Love your poem! *Tricia*

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