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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Nature Answers My Question

By Joyce Benedict

Many, many moons ago, we had moved to and rented a large, rambling home in the country on 40 acres. As with most children and any appreciable property, the usual acquisition of pets soon followed.

A rabbit was acquired at Easter and needed a hutch. One was built and the duties of caring for it followed. Pet mice came, multipling in the blink of an eye and given away as quickly.

There were toads, iguanas, chickens and more. Each son had his own pet cat - Garth had Missy and Derek had Muffin. Missy being, of course, a female and Muffin being a male.

I was musing one day as I did dishes about when I would approach the subject of the birds and the bees. I was trying to remember when and how my parents had done so. Had they just seated me down one day and begun a discussion? Had I asked about where babies came from?

Wiping my hands dry that gorgeous spring day with fruit trees blooming everywhere, little did I know nature was about to solve my concern in a most amusing way.

The boys came running in excitedly. “Mommy, Mommy, Missy and Muffin are struggling something fierce!”

I dashed back outdoors with the boys behind me. There they were, in the front yard, mating in full view under a wonderfully refreshing early spring sun.

“Struggling!” I chuckled to myself. If that isn’t a great way to define this most primitive and powerful of nature’s urges.

“Well, boys,” I added, “Muffin has placed something very private of his, his penis, just like you have, inside Missy and there will be baby kittens coming from their 'struggling.' All animals do this, as do humans, when they want to make babies. Humans struggle because it is pleasurable and they love each other.”

With eyes big as saucers both boys, in unison, chimed quietly, “Oh.” And so I decided to leave it at that for the time being.

I chuckled silently as I re-entered the house to complete my tasks that day long ago. Yes, I guess you could call it “struggling.” I had needed no planned, uncomfortable, set time to get serious about the eternal subject of human sexual relations; nature had provided the perfect scenario.

For a while, when either my husband or myself was “in the mood,” we’d venture forth - “Are you in the mood for some ‘struggling’ tonight?” And we’d smile.

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Raising 3 boys while their father traveled was a chore and I also worried about telling them about sex but then our middle son's dog had puppies and the 2 younger ones, just 5 and 7 watched and as it happened I did the same as you did. It was so easy and natural.

Wonderful remembrance. Glenn Miller's "In the Mood" will now trigger a whole new set of images!

I always enjoy your storytelling style, Joyce. Glad you found this blog site, as a place to share your stories, and receive such nice responses. I now have a BIG notebook filled with my stories and the equally-important comments, that I have prepared for my family to have forever.

Man, what I wouldn't have given for that sort of natural demonstration. Like Johna, my hubby travels, and swears he'll have "that talk" with our boys. He never did. It got left up to me, but I bravely just laid it on the line. Looking back, I can't believe I was so brave.

Point of this thoroughly enjoyable story aside, it took place back in the day when we weren't aware that eventually there would be far too many homeless cats and dogs. Spaying and neutering of pets rarely occurred, especially in rural and semi-rural areas. Now, as a volunteer in a cat adoption center, I hope that today's Missy will never produce that first litter and, if she does, that it will be her last.

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