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Monday, 06 May 2013

April: Long Beach

By June Calender of Big 7-0 & More

Today's early-in-April sunshine
Has a determined adolescent strength --
Charles Atlas in his 98-pound weakling days.
The breeze ruffling the grass shakes its fists
like a freckle-faced sixth grade bully.
Far from my own adolescence, I welcome
This youthful day in flirty April.
I drive to Long Beach and find it nearly empty.
I claim as my own this mile-long spit of land,
marsh grass and brown tangles of thorny roses.
A flat-land farmer's daughter who didn't see
an ocean until I was twenty-three,
I feel young where I never was when young.

As I walk the damp sand, I peel off my jacket
and tie it around my waist; I push up my sleeves--
Come, Sun, pour your vitamin D into me.
I see footprints in the sand--not sneaker prints--
Bare, man-size footprints--and paw prints too.
I look the length of the gently curved shore.
Who dared the chilly sand so early?
I do not see him--"Friday"--the native, I surmise.

The tide reaches, then recedes reluctantly.
To my right sun jewels flash on the water;
to my left a wind-row of broken shells,
once stony homes to tiny glob of life.
I settle in a spot where I often pause to gaze on
the blue illusion we call horizon,
where sky and water only seem to meet
because we are small, our perspective limited
and they are vast, almost endless. Oh, yes,
I have considered that metaphor, but not today.

Breezy fingers ruffle my hair inviting me to play.
Yes, April, child of early spring,
I will join your flirty game.
I pull off my sneakers an socks.
I'll make another pair of prints.
Perhaps I'll let the lapping water
kiss my feet.

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Wonderful imagery, June. I was right there with you on that beach.

Ah yes, yesterday lunch in empty Long Beach at the Art Museum. The salmon salad was glorious. The Beach empty. The queen Mary isolated far over there needing paint. It was a good day.

Evocative, my latest favorite word, your writing is evocative. Thanks for taking us along, I can smell the salt air.

I like your style; flirty April, breezy fingers, a wind-row of shells, all good original phrases.
I live near Daytona Beach and love to go there. Now I will have more words to describe it to myself. Nice work.

For my part, the 'evocative' use of adjectives were adjectives of the best kind - well used, concise. (see 'evocative' posted by Celia). So well observed - a combination of poetry and prose, story-telling of the highest quality.

Very nice. Enjoyed the entire presentation.

You make me want to fly to Long Beach just to discover all that you saw and felt.Wonderful prose.

I could imagine being there, and I wanted to remove my shoes to feel the sand ooze between my toes.

Interesting that Mage thought of HER Long Beach. I imagine there are quite a few around the borders of our country. Thanks, everyone for the compliments.

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