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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Continuous Creation

By Ross Middleton

We have thousands of mathematicians
And thousands of wordsmiths
It all seems very complicated
As we explain what is
Some people don't understand
They get lost following
Thousands of formulations
Thousands of avenues

What if it's simple
Would that be so bad
Negating all attempts
Making our efforts useless

Dense matter
Compacted to the nth degree
It is said the Universe was born
An explosion
Or a letting loose
Something may have started it
Or been no longer able to hold everything together
The force of its own failure

We do not blame Nature for its acts
These things happen

Throughout the Universe there are black holes
In the centre of galaxies
We can't expect Creation every day
But some
Those large enough
May attract enough matter
That they will explode
Everything being too much for them

We start again
Perhaps not in our own region
But another
Space is wide
And space is deep
The mathematicians may be right
The birth could be in another dimension
It might hardly effect us
We don't have time to know

One of our finest scientists
Calls the Big Bang singular
The word might be just a useful phrase
Indicating it belongs solely to a particular region
But there could be other singularities
Building up
To produce
Further Universes


We will go on exploring
Our minds question what is about us
We have our tools
Research methods
Language and Science
We will not see God in this
Unless we want to

Let us clear it with ourselves

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Wow Ross, this is very circular thinking. I love it, it is really deep, yet perhaps shallow?
I used to say in my art teaching that destruction is the antithesis of construction, so that children who construct are not so apt to destroy.
Now I am not so sure.

Very inspirational! Wonderful poem! Thank you!

This brings the universe to life and makes me feel a part of it.

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