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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Day Dream

By Henry Lowenstern

(I did not plan this, but at 87, find myself composing nearly daily limericks and sharing them with fellow residents of my continuing care community. This is one of them.)

I'm going to take a brief vacation
from the need for medication,
from capsules, drops, and shots and pills,
from new prescriptions and refills,
- if only in imagination.

[INVITATION: All elders, 50 and older, are welcome to submit stories for this blog. They can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, etc. Please read instructions for submitting.]

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Tres cute!!!!!!!!

My favorite:

There once was a blushing young bride,
Who ate some green apples and died
Her husband lamented
The apples fermented
And made cider inside her inside.

Excellent. That would only be in our imagination for sure.

I like it. Nice going, Henry.

Terrific!!! I admire your imagination!

Well done! My father did as you're doing Henry and started composing limericks later in his life. He also, over the years, initiated some round-table limerick-creation where each person would supply one line in the limerick. Such fun!

Very good. Enjoyed your creation. Please share more with us in the future.

I'm just impressed that you're still writing every day, never mind how cute and funny the limericks are. I find it gets easier and easier to piddle my days away without doing any writing. I wrote in a white heat in my 60's, comfortably slowing in my 70's and now, at 80, only write during my two writing groups--1 weekly, 1 bi-weekly. I do know the major reason--it's called email, internet or Facebook. I'm a fan of all of them, but they ARE time-stealers.

There is a woman, 101, at the retirement home up the street and she is famous for writing limericks. I admit, I'm a failure so please keep on writing them for us to read.

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