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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Round & Zaftig

By Arlene Corwin

(The answer to thin, thin girls in jeans ads)

My father liked them round and zaftig:
Grandpa too - round and juicy.
That was then. And in a way,
One might well say,
The then was better.
Calories not reckoned,
Anorexia unknown.
It was hip with hips,
And beauty, the flip side of today.

When one’s struggled with the fashion,
One would simply like to cash in
On a time when effort lay
In roundedness,
And beer whipped up with egg and sugar,
Whipped cream cakes and chubby figure
Strolling casually, (not a jogger
In the English language),

Round and zaftig: round and juicy.
That was grandpa’s fantasy.
Great, eh!

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That's me! Always has been. Short, round and zaftig...

My husband grew up in wartorn Germany. He was absolutely sickened by extreme thinness. To him it represented starvation. So for the first time in my life I was appreciated for some of my rotund charms.

I've just found this (it's now June 15) and am delighted at the comments. How I love them! "Rotund charms"...there's a title in itself. I wrote this poem after watching these wonderfully beautiful but mislead young girls. I live in Sweden where even the boys from 20 to 30 look as if they're striving after 'thinness', choosing girlfriends who are equally anorexic - who look like they eat, but who really don't. It's all so strange. Comments please.

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