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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Ruffled Fenders

By Joanne Zimmermann

A dear friend I know arrived at our annual dance and sat at our table. She wore an unusual cotton dress with many ruffles in patterns of green plus matching emerald shoes.

She is an attractive older lady with a beautiful complexion and a fun personality. I love talking to her and admired her outfit. She said she sewed the dress herself many years ago and somehow everything single thing she ever made seemed to end up with ruffles.

I asked if she had a car and she said yes. “Does it have ruffled fenders and window boxes too?” I teased.

Of course she said no, but then she suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree! “Wow, you have just given me a great idea for my next project,” she laughed.

Then another gal joined in and we had a great time designing our girlie cars with stuff like eyelet curtains and velvet bumper benches on the outside. Of course the dash and carpeting were fair game for the makeover. After all, guys have their monster trucks and sleek chick magnets. It is high time that we get our own personalized cars decorated to the hilt. So let our dreams begin.

My wish list includes sparkly tires, jeweled steering wheel, initialed tea set on a little tray table in the rear and deep shag carpet. Neon lighting might glow under the car like the boys have but with frilly lampshades on the headlights. For variety, a patterned exterior that changes color with the push of a button might work.

Butter soft leather with piping would line the seats with down pillows tucked in all the corners for a comfy ride. Curtains or louvers for privacy are a must with pullout manicure tray and hair dryers tucked into side pockets. Triple mirrors should be positioned for makeup.

Music, speakers, GPS and cell phones are a given, installed in handy places with flower vases and purse hooks too. I guess a Coach valise on the roof could hold extra outfit changes.

What do you think ladies? Submit your ideas to the “Girlie Car Company.” For sure, our cars will never get stolen by some burly thug. But for safety perhaps we should require a handsome uniformed chauffeur. Why take a chance driving?

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I think you have thought of everything imaginable. I can't get past my car's Tweety Bird floor mats and the child Tweety Bird umbrella in my car. It was given to me by one of my friends to match my floor mats. I must admit I get lots of compliments on both. The small umbrella is just right for our Florida sun-showers.

From the male perspective it reminds me of my 1957 red & cream 1957 Chevy. It had the same color noughahide (fake leather).
Very interesting concept. You have a great imagination.\
I found it very interesting reading

How fun!

Joanne - what a creative post - certainly not my taste but how marvellous to imagine roads filled with individually styled cars instead of the bland 'sameness' that exists today - loved it - thank you.

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