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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Someone Has to Say It

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Ross Middleton lives in Australia where the national election campaign is currently in full swing.]

By Ross Middleton

I find it hard to appreciate
Unable to join in
Both sides clamouring
Hoping for the prize
Time in office
Their effort registered
Succeeding where others have failed

There is no other way you say
For the time being we must suspend our values
It's the win that's important

Of course I have a bias
I want my side to win
We are the underdogs
Their resources are greater
We rally the people
Seeking our support there

I am an individual
Not happy with some of the party's policies
I am supposed to turn off
While the race is on

Much of what we do has sad consequences
It's sad the way we go about things
The outcome doesn't always justify the effort
The party
Whichever party
Declares itself on election night
With its supporters happy
And looking forward to the immediate future

The moral concerns of people
Suspended during the race
Are likely
When it comes to the crunch
To continue to be ignored
Into the future

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AMEN!! But I imagine that the Aussies don't have to do this for TEN MONTHS from February to November. What a stupid country we have finally become.

It is very sad to see what our country is becoming. Give me the simple life of honesty, hard work, self-respect, respect for others, and freedom to say what is on our minds without insults and also without censorship through political correctness. This applies, too, to our leaders from the local, to the state and to the nation.

No matter who wins
Our country will lose
Self serving pollies
Desperate to win
With short sighted policies and false forced grins.
They insult our intelligence
with bribes and promises
As if we don't know who will pay in the end.
We're a marvellous country
full of good hearted people.
Surely we can find
better leaders than these.
If anyone knows how
Do tell us -PLEASE!
(Also from Oz)

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