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Monday, 16 September 2013

On Other Places, Other Times

By Marc Leavitt of Marc Leavitt's Blog

I strolled along the Seine to look
At scenes first gazed at in a book;
The solid strength of Notre Dame,
Quick boats that cleft the river’s calm;
The Left Bank’s bustling, lively throng,
The passing hubbub’s constant song,
The Eiffel Tower’s silhouette,
Made Paris real, and yet, and yet…

I felt I’d lived here once before,
So long ago; familiar lore
Recalled on every narrow street,
With memories so sharp and sweet;
Was it my past, or did I see
An alternate reality,
A life that I had never known,
A place that I could never own?

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Wonderful. Lovely memories, thank you.

A seven day trip to Paris, still remains in my close memory..year before went to London, Edinburgh and Glasgow and being Mary Kathleen Raftery, three days in Dublin and Galway..I remember them all, but walking Paris in a light misty rain for three days and evenings, I thank my lucky stars..plays like a romantic dream in my mind always..you made my day...

Sounds like someone who has read many books about romance and intrigue in that oft used location. Many old B&W movies have the piano music, waltzing cigarette smoke and high fashion to set the scene for some gripping story.

I've never crossed that ocean, but I think I've been there before myself.

I had the same feeling on my first visit to the art and literary colony in Worpswede, North Germany. I became very friendly with an artist of some renown who told me if I was to write in poetic form it should tease, irritate, inform and record the collective mind. I felt the atmosphere and could see the glint on the river in your work.I look forward to following the further comments I hope you receive.

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