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Monday, 28 October 2013

Dreams Do Come True

By Joyce Benedict

It was quite awhile as I marched through life that I realized I had been born with some kind of sixth sense and “sa”’ things others didn’t. Later, I would be told that I was a “sensitive.”

I knew when my mother lied. I “saw” things I doubt she believed or even thought I “saw.” I could tell by looking into the eyes of dogs or cats whether they were male or female.

The summer of my sophomore year in college came my first precognitive dream. In the dream I was reading our local newspaper in our living room. My sisters there.

As I turn to the society page, I am surprised to see quite a large picture of a former classmate in another school I had attended four years earlier. She had shorter hair, a sweater on with pearls. Quite a lengthy article about her Asian studies as part of a degree program from a college she was attending. I read the whole article in the dream.

Several days later I am sitting in my living room. Sisters reading. I am reading our local newspaper and turn to the society page. There before me is the exact picture, article, material I had “seen” in my dream!

I called the sisters over blurting out this remarkable experience! They looked blank. What in the world was she talking about.

More such dreams followed throughout college and the early years of my marriage. One dream, after two sons were born, was of our apartment burning. We rush to get the children out. It was so real.

When I awoke, I took a look throughout the apartment to find anything that would cause a fire.

Sure enough! Old rags were smoldering where I had stuffed them in an antique bowl I was restoring and put in a back closet. They were thrown in the tub with water dowsing them.

My husband was waiting one summer for word of a teaching job in a private school. I dreamt I went to our mail box one day. Saw the letter from the school. In the dream I open it and read the contents (something I would not do normally.) He did not get the job. It went to a woman whose name was given.

Three days later the letter came and I knew already what it stated. And it was as I had read in my dream. Only then did I tell husband what I had dreamt.

I dreamt of a car crash. I saw my sons at a funeral, one played the guitar at it. I did not see who had died but feared it their father.

Ten days later, my son’s best friend had crashed into a tree. A lovely guy. We were heartbroken. Son Garth played at the funeral.

In time, I read cards. My, what visions came through then. Even past lives appeared. What details. What was hard was “seeing” deaths. I never told what I saw but a warning to give to the father, the friend, the mother as to certain activities. Unfortunately, all came to pass as “seen.”

Seven tumultuous years were spent with a man who was an alcoholic. A wonderful man, but who wouldn’t stop. Twenty-four hours prior a binge, I’d “see” a black funnel from above enter his head.

I “knew” he’d be off to the races. I would plead he attend an AA meeting. He’d say he had no desire. Always within 24 hours he’d succumb to the dark urge.

The most amazing dream of all was of former President John F. Kennedy’s assassination three days prior the event. Too long to elaborate here, but I “saw” Jackie grieving, heard hundreds of radio broadcasts, “saw” newspaper headlines announcing the tragedy, the funeral, burial, mourners in the White House and much more.

The dream informed me that “someone in the White House” did it. I never believed the Warren Commission nor that Oswald was the sole shooter.

Four people were told the dream prior the event. Three still alive.

From that dream came several life changes: increased study as to the mystery of time, space, dreams, etc. Questions, why see an event if it can’t be stopped? Why me?

I understand now why these “future” events are “seen.” A study into the Akashic records and the Unified Field Theory sheds much light.

Other dimensions do exist. What a fascinating journey I have had into some of the mysteries of life.

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Interesting. I, too, have had such dreams. Einstein believed that time ran both forward and backward, but puzzled over why we couldn't remember the future. There are cultures who see things so differently than we do, and they accept these kinds of unusual things with ease. Thank you for sharing this very special gift that so few talk about.

I wish that I had such a gift! Thanks for sharing your fascinating ability.

Thank you for sharing this. It must sometimes be a burden, but what a gift!

Interesting, Joyce, thank you for making me think about it!
I have an "open mind" and believe there are those who
see what I can not.

Hi Joyce,

I've had a "sensitive" side since early childhood. Apparently before I can remember I was seeing things others didn't see and telling them about it, or so said my brother, who was 18 years my senior.

I think it's something to do with quantum theory with its 11 dimensions, and some of us, for some unknown reason, can briefly "see" those other dimensions.

At times it's been frightening, at times a comfort, often it's just puzzling! Thanks for an interesting look into your abilities!

Fascinating - have to say Joyce - I am very happy not to have your abilities - the responsibility must be enormous.
Thank you for the post.

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