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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I Used to Think That Sleep Was Not For Me

By Marc Leavitt of Marc Leavitt's Blog

I used to think that sleep was not for me;
It stole my share of time, when time should last
To drain each moment’s full veracity
And make its vivid value unsurpassed.
I cheated sleep’s designs and slaked my thirst
For friendships, conversations, songs to sing;
Why go to sleep? Making love came first,
And precious time was always on the wing.
Today the tables are reversed; I chase
Sleep’s pleasures every chance I can, and yet
She plays coy games and shows a lack of grace,
Not staying long enough, to my regret.
The old saying’s true, it never has been wrong;
We don’t value anything, until it’s gone.

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Just wonderful thought and poetry, I am copying it for my inspiration board on my desk. Thanks Marc, right on.

Another good one, Marc.

Ah, how true. I never wanted to waste time sleeping when I was young; now I LOVE to sleep. I often say I have a love affair with sleep and with my bed, and resent anything that gets between me and my sleep.

I got better friends when sleep when the research came out that you retain fat when you don't get enough sleep.

My relationship to sleep has changed. over the years. Whereas when I was younger I would love to sleep in when I could, now o matter what time I get to bed, I generally wake up befoe the sunrise. I love that time of morning and am gratful that my biological clock seems to agree.

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