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Friday, 06 December 2013

Never The Hero

By Thomas Moore

All my life I was a coward
too afraid to run away
in childhood it was required
to square the jaw and then
with bombs and bullets play.
Violence as a way of life
with cowards hiding in the strife.

In manhood there was safety
to hide where danger lay
and learn to dodge the horror
of every passing day, and hope
that supping with the strong
would give the strength to cope
and stem the urge to take,
the cowards way.

And now in age I learn,
that bravery requires more,
than fear to face the demons, man disturbs.
It took a woman in the heroes guise,
to show too late, that courage stands
full square, without disguise.

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It must be awfully hard to be a man in our macho society.

Remember "My Fair Lady"? "It takes a woman...."

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