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Thursday, 05 December 2013

Thinking On Your Feet Is

By Arlene Corwin

Gift, art, yoga;
Leading to a
Modus operandi,
A defining fun.
Creation in a flash;
In a now,
No deed is left undone,
Not one day gone,
Neglected or unloved.
Thinking fleetly on your feet,
Eliminates, eradicates:
Fear of fiasco,
Worry, stress, for not one
Thing can fail you;
Neither falling on your bottom
In the middle of your show
Or whatever else you’re doing.

Trivial and valuable -
It’s all significant,
While none of it means anything at all;
The usual

Years of practicing
Mean that
Error’s never really wrong,
Use life as an etude.
Make etude of every song.
Life plays.

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Arlene: WOW, what a great last stanza! I wish I could look at life with such creativity. Trivial and valuable - all is significant, is what my most spiritually evolved friends also maintain.

Dear Janet,
Thank you so very much!

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