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Friday, 28 February 2014

Small Disappointments

By Arlene Corwin

Stamped, tattooed,
The small boo-hoos of childhood.
“Mommy please, a pair of tap shoes”
“Mommy, that Hawaiian skirt,
Oh mommy, mommy please”
No dear, you have a murmur of the heart.”
“As for the skirt, we can’t afford it.”
Small longings never gotten to,
Absolutely not forgotten, so
She never tapped,
She never swayed;
Seldom put words to a wish.
She thought, she felt.
Mommy firm, she got the message.
And she never argued;
Got to play the harp instead.
She sang, she learned piano, but
Such tiny sorrows stay.

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There is such pain and frustration in your poem, from the standpoint of a little girl.
Those things stay with us our whole lives, but you putting into prose should help. I find writing is quite therapeutic. I usually wait long enough to laugh at it, but sometimes laughter never comes.

We do grow up but some things we wanted are never forgotten. Loved your poem and he sentiments it brought forth.

Dean Joanne and Johna,
So grateful and gladdened when there is a response. So, from the very start, thank you so much. (lots of 'so's - sorry).
As the poet, I can say that there was and is no pain while writing or even remembering. But, in some mysterious way, a poem takes shape from a simple thought, memory or even a simple phrase. What follows is a flow - but a flow that has to be artistically worked and re-worked - or it's not a good poem.
I'm so happy if you are moved. I'm always amazed at the variations in response; people's thought patterns, everyone's interpretations.
It's undoubtedly the same for every art form. One man's poison is another man's etc.
In Sweden they have a funny saying which, translated means something like "Taste is like your rear end - all different shapes and sizes" (only it's a little more earthy than that).
Love the contacts!

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