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Thursday, 06 March 2014

I Might Have Known

By Nancy Leitz

Some husbands bring gifts home to their wives when they have been away on a business trip. Unfortunately for me, my husband Roy was not one of them. He went away many times over the course of our marriage and only once did he bring me a gift.

He went to Phoenix to install some power generation equipment for AT&T and was there for four days when he called that some necessary parts had not been delivered and the project had to be halted until the parts were at the site. He told me he would be home the next day but would have to return to Phoenix the next week to finish.

The only flights from Philadelphia to Phoenix had a stop in Dallas/Fort Worth and an hour's delay before the flight resumed to Phoenix. It was the same on the way home. You had to go through Dallas and wait that hour to continue to Philadelphia.

When he arrived home the next evening, Roy told me he had a nice surprise and presented me with a beautiful little pink box which contained a lovely lapel pin. It was really very nice and I thanked him profusely and pinned it to the blouse I was wearing to show him how much I appreciated his thoughtfulness.

Now another unexpected surprise was up his sleeve. I was to return to Phoenix with him and we would stay a little longer after the project was done and have a nice holiday. I was delighted and couldn't wait to make the airline reservations.

The next day I called for tickets and there was a snag in our plans. There was only one seat left on the flight and that had to be given to Roy because of his commitment to the job, but I could fly out the very next day and meet him there. That was the arrangement.

So, Roy left and I drove to the airport the next day for my flight. In those days, flying was a dress up affair so I was wearing a nice dress and high heels and I was sporting the new pin he had given me in a prominent place on my jacket.

The first leg of the flight was uneventful and we landed at Dallas on schedule. Now I just had to wait for one hour to resume the flight.

I had never been to Dallas airport before so decided to walk through the concourse and look at the shops and restaurants.

As I was strolling through, I saw a booth with the most beautiful girl I had seen in a long time selling something. I approached to see what she was doing and my brain started to swirl with random thoughts and then I KNEW what she had on display.

Can you guess? Of course you can. In fact, I'm sure you know by now what she was doing. She was selling lovely pins in little pink boxes! Oh! I might have known...

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Oh, goodness. What a great story. I hope the rest of the trip went well.

What a cute story...and I love the little surprise at the end Nancy. You're terrific! ~Joy

Oh, Nancy. It was only that she reminded him of YOU.

Oh my goodness Nancy, I love this story so much. Men are all alike and my sainted Ron had as good an eye as did your Roy. Of course they did, they picked us didn't they? lol

Sounds like something my husband would have done - only he would not have bought the pin - just admired the seller.
Good story!!

And each of you had moments of good feelings - triple wins; and then giving me and others a smile, too.

My husband traveled alot, but he never brought me anything other than a big kiss. He said a kiss was more important than some little gift and I believed him until our divorce.

Hi Mage,

Thanks for the nice comment.Yes, the rest of the trip was very nice.

We were in Phoenix for four days and one day decided to drive to Flagstaff to see a little more of Arizona.

When we left Phoenix it was about 85 degrees and we arrived in Flagstaff in the midst of a snowstorm and the temperature was about 25 degrees.

We had never been in the desert before and didn't know about low and high temps there so we were very surprised at the change.

It was a wonderful trip and thanks for asking.

Joy: I am so happy to see you here. We miss you. Thanks for reading the story and I'm happy that you liked the surprise at the end.

Nance: What a nice,sweet thing to say.Thanks! I think we are both lucky in love...

Hi Annie:

You are so right! Ron and Roy were two peas out of the same pod as my old Irish Granny used to say. And aren't we lucky that they did pick us? I suppose they had a bit of luck, too!

Judy: Mr K. certainly did have a good eye for the ladies, just like Roy did. He looked past all those other Southern belles and zeroed in on you.

Hello Suz: So nice to see you here and thanks for your wonderful comment. You made my day!

Hi Johna:

That was a terrific comment.

You gave us all the best laugh of the day. Thanks!

Fun story Nancy....
Men are so predictable aren't they 😊

Great story. Glad you had a good holiday, some men like to do one big thing.

Nancy, your Roy was enjoying the scenery, but he came home to you and with a little gift. It was a great story.I love the way you told it.


Yes, they are predictable..but, I must say, he fooled me that time.

Until I saw that beautiful girl I was complementing him to the skies and he was accepting my praise as no more than what he so richly deserved.

After I told him that I had seen her in Dallas selling the pins he very sheepishly gave me his famous "You got me" grin and we had a good laugh about it

Yes, we laughed but he KNEW he was caught!

Hi Celia:

Yes, we had a very nice holiday after we sorted out all of our feelings .

He really was a great guy and fun to be with. Neither one of us took ourselves too seriously.

Hello GM:

Thanks for your nice comment. You are right; he really did enjoy the scenery and,thankfully, he did always come home to me.

Great story. Such troubles we go through.

Thanks, Beth. Isn't it the truth??

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