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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

At Least I Phoned

By Marc Leavitt of Marc Leavitt's Blog

“Hello, mom, how are you today?
Me? I’m fine. I just called to say,
I hope you have a happy day –
That came out wrong; I meant to say,
A happy, happy Mother’s Day!

“It’s a while since we’ve been in touch.
I know, I never call you much,
Time vanishes. Now I’m in Dutch.
But I’m tied up with work, and such.
I mean to call, but then a clutch

Of things comes up; I can’t get loose
Till late, and then, I’ve cooked my goose.
I know that’s just a poor excuse –
I’ve put my neck inside a noose -
But, let’s not fight, let’s call a truce!

Another Mother’s Day! It’s hard,
I didn’t even send a card.
I can’t visit, and the reason?
At work, it’s now our busy season.
I love you, mom. Again, I’ll say,
A happy, happy Mother’s Day!”

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Another good one, Marc, made me laugh this morning. I guess we have all spoken those words, or had them said to us!

This rings so true at times ...

Thankfully old age has taught me acceptance and understanding 😊

Thank you Marc! My son is more than a thousand miles away and your writing was very much like his message when he called this Mother's Day. I don't need flowers or gifts or even a card. Hearing his voice on Mother's Day means everything to me!

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