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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Lost and Found

By Henry Lowenstern

My spectacles have gone astray.
I used them earlier today.
Now they're not here.
How'd they disappear?
...Oh here they are! HOORAY! HOORAY!

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I never lose mine. When I first started wearing them, I hung them around my neck, and now, I never take them off unless I'm going to sleep.

Super poem, Henry! Another solution is to have more than one pair and put them in different places, maybe?

I'm with you, Vicki. Left a pair at my son's house last night. Told him not to worry, I just switched to one of my three duplicates.

Heck you can get them for a dollar, so you can have them everywhere.

I'm with you kenju....
I was told after cataract surgery, I only need them for reading.... when am I not reading something????
When sleeping or maybe watching TV.
It's funny to watch my husband always searching for his readers here there and everywhere.

My husband just went back to his car...looking for his glasses...

This could have been written by my hubby! I'm going to show it to him when he gets home. Great poem!

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