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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Joy Unto Others

By Clifford Rothband

We had a Mom and Pop service business in Boca Raton, Florida for more than 20 years. Both because of the economy and our health issues, we had to give up. Not to mention a few nasty clients along the way to whom money meant more than returning the care and respect allotted to them.

A lot of folks I worked with and befriended over the years often told me to write a book. It would be both enlightening and humorous. Me, I am just a working man and a jokester. I enjoy a good laugh and probably couldn't promote a book.

Oftentimes, the comfortable or old wealth would warn me about the fakers and nouveau riche who would stick it to any working person to save a buck.

Most folk don't recognize who others are in reality. Unpresumptuous me, I hadn't realized who in fact this genuine couple were until they passed away - Harold Davidson and Marion Ryan.

Harold kidded with me that he was a British agent. No, he was a British promoter/agent of entertainers including Frank Sinatra.

Marion Ryan, his wife, was a British pop singer, actress and movie star and the mother of twins Barry and Paul Ryan, British rock and roll stars/singers.

Harold was a real life comedian. I can relate a few humorous stories about them including one time when he called me when he was returning to town his yellow Rolls Royce convertible. It wouldn't start and he asked if I would help him start his car.

I had no cables with me and told him who to call for road service. After the car was started, Harold, this little chubby old guy, stood there straight faced, this millionaire guy in beach shorts, a surfer tee shirt with holes in it and sneakers with the tops cut off [his toes hurt] telling the technician that the Rolls was indeed my car and I would pay him.

He got me that day.

Marion Ryan related her friendship with TV comedian Benny Hill and the jokes they had pulled on unsuspecting people. Her passing precipitated his. I presume he died of a broken heart.

Good loving people who brought joy unto others.

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Don't we all wish we had friends like that.

Clifford, I think YOU have had a very interesting life!

Ooh! It brings a tear to the eye.

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