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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Worldwide Music Man

By Joanne Zimmermann

Call me naïve, call me cuckoo, but call me. Call me and tell me you can create worldwide music piped from the sewers and skies to those people in constant war mode.

Yanni said it best years ago when he said, “looking at earth from above there are no boundaries, no lines dividing people.”

When viewing old videos of some of his concerts from the Taj and China and other places he visited with his orchestra, one see the faces light up. Even language barriers did not stop the comradeship forming on their expressions as they waved and danced together.

Puttin’ on the Ritz flash mob from Moscow done in 2012 is making the rounds once more. It says, “Imagine a Russian Jew immigrating to New York City and composing this catchy tune.” Then it shows Russia and a crowd performs it, trying to speak English.

“Super Booper,” one lady said hopping around and a parka clad little kid jumps up and down with joy. Even a wedding party appears and the bride leaps out of a limo and tosses her bouquet. A bunch of street sweepers join in and then a whole army stomps to the beat. I never envisioned Russia allowing something like this.

We have lost simply human joy. If all of the warmongers stopped making guns, planes, cannons, and poisons and started up great music factories, just think what might happen. Drumbeats call us to let go of our fears, uncertainties and divisive thinking.

Do our smart phones really turn us on with two thumbs bopping on keys? Oh I know, then humans would start fighting over whose music was best.

But at least religious and boundary fights might finally be put to rest because when we dance and sing, we need lots of people to join in. Then we could divide the world into classical, jazz, contemporary, country, marches and jungle beats.

We could utilize drone music. Whoops, maybe not. But we could have music festivals, any kind, all over going on day and night and finally wear ourselves out into a big happy worn-out sleep. Music is electrifying. So is art, by the way as I myself am an artist of sorts.

If factories made clarinets instead of guns, when you got upset at someone you could just give ‘em a blast with your horn. If you’re really mad, blow a tuba or hit a big bass drum. Even a violin could work as Tevya found.

I know, I know, drummers can be wolves in sheep’s clothing. Hitler was an example. My German husband told me the people are followers and they needed a leader. Sadly they were misled. The music man was really a charlatan and a thief. But somewhere along the way he fell in love with River City and Marian the librarian. Perhaps bad drummers can change as well.

There is an island off Japan that specializes in oriental style drumming. Wow, how fascinating! People flock there to hear them pound away with a lot of drama.

I think we all have a tribal urge within to keep the beat. Perhaps many of the warriors are just followers and so what if we snuck in and played The Pennsylvania Polka behind the lines. Would the army dissolve into dancing frenzy?

Have I just invented a brand new secret weapon?

[INVITATION: All elders, 50 and older, are welcome to submit stories for this blog. They can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, etc. Please read instructions for submitting.]

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I love it!

Hi Joanne.... I am new here, slipped over from Ronni's TGB post this morning....

I am an amateur, self taught musician with an AWESOME Arranger Keyboard that has every known instrument and rhythm that exists. With this magic keyboard I can create the registrations for any song and store them in the KB to use when I choose!
Every afternoon I play for the "Happy Social Hour" here in the RV Park where I live.
I have played at local Nursing Homes and anywhere I am invited to play as well.
MUSIC is indeed a "Happy maker" especially for those of us who can bring it to others!
War is indeed something that needs to stop happening on our planet!

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