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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Who, What, When and Why?

By Clifford Rothband

I saw this vanity tag on a car, YYY ME. It got me thinking, why me? If not me then who?

I've read somewhere that a person's value is not really measured in years but in achievements. Things tried. Like Thomas Edison wrote about invention: "I haven't failed, I just found ten thousand ways that won't work." Or a quote from someone that the biggest sin is never to have tried something, for we forever regret or remember those times.

No not me since I have tried so many times and things, a man has to know his limits and I certainly will not jump out of a helicopter again. Been there, done that, period.

I remember another old saying: "Never end a name with an I, always with a Y." Maybe it means not to be so vain. In my circle of folks growing up, it was a way to end a name with a term of endearment or familiarity like Mommy, Daddy or Harry or Cliffy.

Where did this rule come from? I'd give due credit if I could but since I do not stand to gain anything financially from these words, let's assume that I am not plagiarizing someone.

And oh, that silly word, "assume” - to make an ass of u and me. I have been taught so much by not assuming anything anymore. So a doctor has told me that I wouldn't make it to 40, can you imagine me at 69? Uh oh.

Getting back to why, why not? I read some where that with age comes wisdom. Then why are so many aged people so foolish?

Well, why does wisdom come with age? Is wisdom only an achievement that requires control of one's emotional passions or judgment or common sense so as to predict an outcome? No, that's anxiety!

I truly believe that wisdom is a product of experience, mostly bad experience. So I will try again in a different manner. Why? I have this passion to be happy, for humor, to laugh, to enjoy pleasure.

I certainly am not that wise as to have written this stuff. For who, what, when and why did I write this Babble?

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What thought provoking babble! I loved this piece. Thanks!

wisdom is a product of bad experience! well said.

I completely agree with Zuleme's comment. Speaking of which, you're quite fortunate to have survived jumping out of a helicopter.

Plenty of people don't survive riding in a helicopter whether as pilot or passenger. It's smart to say "never again."

YYY ME is not "Why Me". It's multiple so it's "Wise Me"
Happily this still supports your essay.

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