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Monday, 12 January 2015

Things the Kids Have Said to Me

By Nancy Leitz

Daughter Carol at age 4: "Mommy, do you think you could buy me a mirror? I'm tired of making up in doorknobs."

Niece Emma age 5: "Emma, would you like me to take your picture?"

"Yes, Aunt Nancy, but I didn't think you would take my picture this year.

I asked “Why do you think I wouldn’t take your picture this year?

“Because I have the same face as last year."

Chris age 4 after he had been watching cowboy movies all afternoon when he was told that his Aunt Betty's mother had died: He jumped from his chair, put his hands on his hips and demanded to know, "Who shot her?"

Boss's daughter Judy aged 6 was sitting at a desk in our office area with her chin in her hand and a faraway look on her face. "Judy, What are you thinking about?"

"I'm trying to decide whether to invite my college friends to my wedding."

Steve aged 9 on a ride up the New Jersey Turnpike with a stop at the first over 55 community we had ever seen. We drove through and there was not one swing set, wagon, bicycle or any other sign of a child.

"Mom, if these people don't allow any kids in here, what do they do for aggravation?"

Jerry age 4, would hear me say that one of our neighbors got on my nerves by calling me all the time asking me to borrow things or take her somewhere. One day the telephone rang and he said, "Mom, if that's Mrs. Hanson, why don't you tell her you have something else on your nerve today?"

Niece Cassidy age 5 was playing with a basket of artificial fruit while her Mom was having a meeting of her club at a picnic table. Cassidy kept circling the table giving out one piece of fruit to each lady. Her Mother said,"What are you doing, Cassidy?”

"I'm just playing."

"What are you playing?"

"Meals On Wheels."

When Grandson Ian was about 10 years old, I mentioned to him that in a few years he would be driving the car and he would be able to drive to Pennsylvania to see me.

His reply was " Well, you know, Nanny, you are very old. By that time you might be dead."

To which I responded, "I'll make it easy on you, Ian. If I'm dead, don't come."

Niece Susan when she was about 5 years old: When her mother would bring her to visit her grandparents, Mom Mom and Pop Pop McGarvey, they had to change trains at Penn Station 30th St. in Philadelphia. The station was huge, noisy and bustling with people and Susan was really terrified of the place.

So, one night we heard her saying the Lord's Prayer and she was pleading. “And lead us not into Penn Station...”

The Encyclopedia Brittanica salesman spread his books all over our living room floor and said, ”I can answer any question this young boy will ask me.” He called in Chris who was about 5 and said, ”Do you have a question you want me to answer?

Chris said,” Yes, what kind of car does God drive?”

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Wonderful stories.Kids tell it
straight. I have a little boy who lives across the hall from me. All his grandparents are in India and I've been his Nana.

One day in my apartment, he was about four, we were
playing police (him) and bad guy (me). He arrested me and put me in jail, a specific spot on the carpet.

After a few moments I asked if I could get out. No. I asked if I could pay a fine and get out. No. So I said I wanted to call a lawyer.

He jumped up excitedly,I will be your liar, he shouted.

Excellent, as usual, Nancy! I love your answer to Ian.

Very cute, Nancy--I wish I had remembered more of those precious little sayings.

I love Steve's question. It's very funny and very true.

My daughter, Gail, at age 4 told me "Mommy, you never should have had children." after I had lost my temper at the mess she had made.

Precious exchanges, Nancy. Takes me back to many smiles and remembrances - but I don't remember precisely what was said!! Wish I had your recall, but the hazy memories suit me okay.


What a lucky little boy he is to have a neighbor like you to
be his Nana.

Sounds like you enjoy playing with him,too!

I loved his remark.


At the time Ian reminded me how OLD I was, I was about 60.. How's that for being ancient?


I remember these sayings, but I'm sure there were many more that I have forgotten.Thanks for your nice comment.


I think there were always days when we thought we should never have had children, but they were few and far between.

The affectionate way you speak of Gail these days tells me that she is a blessing in your life.


Hazy memories are much better than no memories..I'm sure the hazy ones bring just as many smiles and remembrances as clear ones.

So good to read a post from you Nancy. The things that come out of kids' mouths are always gems...thanks so much for sharing them dear friend. Take care always...Joy


So nice to see you here. We miss you, you know....

Thanks for the nice comment.

Great to hear from you Nancy and get to enjoy your story as always.

My granddaughter who is presently eight told me about a year ago that when she becomes a mother, I'll be dead.

Maybe and then again maybe not😊

Hello Clairejean:

I'm so happy to hear from you and I hope all is well.

Why do Grandchildren always think we are so old and bordering on death?

You tell her that you are going to cling to life until she presents you with a Grandchild.

Do you remember when my Grandson,Andrew, told me that when I died he would be very sad and I asked him why he had said that? He replied,"Well, you know Nanny, when you are dead you won't be able to hear me, so I thought I'd tell you now."

Well dear Nancy, you have done it again. Thank you for remembering and sharing these very funny stories of the youngsters in your life. My grandchildren journal is the kids favorite thing to read when they visit because I wrote down the funny things they said. Such treasure we have kept and hope others will do the same.

Love these!

Our daughter Jenna, age 4, was watching an award show with us on TV. One of the celebrities started his acceptance speech: "First, I want to thank God..." Jenna turned to us and said, bewildered: "He knows God too???"


How wonderful that you are keeping all of those Treasured remarks your Grandchildren made.

They will always bless you for loving them so much.


When I read the remark your little girl made I had the best laugh I have had in a long time. I loved what she said.

Thanks for commenting here and we hope to hear from you again.

What a delight to read what comes out of these little mouths and minds! I volunteer at an elementary school two days a week and every visit I hear something that tickles me. I know I need to start a journal, or I will surely forget. Recently one of the second graders asked if I am 200 years old. I told him, not quite...but at 7, I imagine he would not see much difference in my true age ( 80) and 200!

Hi Fritzy,

I am in awe of you for volunteering at an elementary school at age 80.

Good for you for having both the stamina and the desire to do it.

At the rate you are going, maybe you will live to be 200!

I heard about a little kid that asked his Grandmom how old she was and she said,"I am 85 years old." The child was astonished and said,'DID YOU START AT ONE?"

And these are probably only a meagre few of the ones you have in your treasure trove!

Sometimes I wish I had had more of an appreciation for the boys' childhood. It seemed to go by at breakneck speed, and I was so dreadfully wrapped up in teaching and trying to retain some semblance of sanity while trying to get even a little sleep.

Where did it all go? Sigh. Your entries here remind me to cherish those memories!

I had to read this out loud and we laughed and laughed. Thank you for sharing this!

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