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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Negative News

By Arlene Corwin of Arlene Corwin Poetry

It makes us nervous;
Gives bad dreams;
Fosters fears;
Lowers life’s force peaceful streams;
You hear?

Veil your eyes,
Shield your ears;
Shut the TVs, phones, computers;
Think of skies: cosmic vastness.
Altruism, wisdom, kindness.
Skip the news, pass on the press -
If only for a week or two.
Harmful and unwelcome, yes,
It weakens you.

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Good advice. Contemporary communications cut both ways. They make it easy to keep in touch with far away friends. But the flip side, news of far away tragedies appears on the internet or TV as it happens. Often this news, tragic as it is, has no personal relevance but drags on one's equanimity.

I was talking to a priest friend of mine, a renown Augustinian scholar and professor emeritus who said "Don't watch the news more than once a day. We are bombarded, and it's destructive" He was echoing this poem exactly.

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